Post pictures of some of your favorite twisty roads

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May 23, 2007
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Orange County, CA
This is Hwy 150, out of Ojai, Ca. It's right at the lookout spot over looking the Ojai Valley.


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Here is a pic of Hwy 49 in Ca. This section is called "The Lil Dragon"


Or how about The Ave of the Giants in Northern Ca.


Then there is the famous Hwy 36 that runs From Fortuna to Red Bluff. This is one of the best roads I have every been on. 140 miles of twisty bliss. Make sure you fill up before leaving town. There is not much in between and almost no cages on the road to get in your way.


Then I just have to insert this. It's a scenic overlook of Yosemite valley.


I got a lot more, but I guess I need to leave some room so some others can post here also.. :rolleyes:

I rode the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway on labor day weekend on my way to California. Should be on everyone's list. Awesome!
Beautiful piece of road!. So, I went on google looking for this stretch of road. I didn't see you there, but did come across someone having a good time.

Now I wonder if one could find some fjr's in action on google street view..


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Bandai-Azuma Skyline, Fukushima-ken.


Route 2, Fukushima-kan. Popular with the drift cars.


Hakone Turnpike.


Nishi-Izu Skyline.



Rte 70 in Tennessee we stumbled on on the way to the Dragon. Between the interstate and Rte 34. This stretch is maybe a mile long.. but its *GOLD*

Love this thread. Amazing places & pictures. Going to have to research to find some of these roads in the Northeast.

I am so going riding tomorrow before bad weather.

"The old 666 in AZ."

Known as US 191 now. One of my favorite roads. Got to watch out for mule deer, turkey, mountain goats, rabbits, skunks, rattlesnakes and on the south end mining trucks but almost zero traffic.