Post some pics of the area in which you live

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This was from one of our RV trips to Colorado. We sometimes take the 300CC Yamaha instead of the 1300 one!IMG-5350.jpg
View attachment 3688another few weeks before getting out full time in Maine
Nice photo! My back yard looks similar (I'm in New Brunswick) and also expect it will be a while before we are into riding season. I did, however, manage an unprecedented February 16 ride this year on a freakishly warm day.
Calaveras Reservoir
From the picture you would never know you were about 12miles from downtown San Jose.

This taken from Calaveras Road, my daily commute route from Milpitas to Livermore. 6D226C35-C2AD-4890-BE2C-64E3EDBAFF8A.jpeg
Sure beats playing thread the needle in the motorcycle lane in afternoon Interstate 680 stop and go traffic through Fremont.