Rear crash bars

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Also, the rear crash bars are commonly referred to as “ankle breakers” by LE motors guys too.
I had an incident on the track related to that. Back end slid a bit and I instinctively stomped my foot, which then got promptly hit by the luggage guard and popped the back up a little. Luckily the boot saved me and I learned the same lesson that I learned the first time I rode a 3 wheeler ;)
Well, found a small design flaw with the police bars. If you practice low speed maneuvers a lot avoid this style. The left side s-shaped bracket will fatigue and collapse into the crank case cover. This happened to me after the 3rd drop. the bolt gouged out a nice little hole causing a small leak. Annoying but repairable with some JB Weld. So have since replaced with T-Rex bars.
T-rex May have changed updated the design. I was not able to confirm your picture on ours. But not full on coffee yet.