Tearing up the mean streets of Santa Margarita, chapter Ibuprofen style

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Sep 5, 2005
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Creston, CA
Barrie's Boyz had meet and greet, no ride, Santa Margarita. Hot HOT weather.

Trailered the 1978 Yamaha 125 to Margarita, hid truck and trailer at park.

Tore up the town, fogging it with beautiful 2 stroke oil smoke.

The county will get my anti-mosquito defogging bill tomorrow!

Good conversation with Clement S, Barrie C, Peter and David S.

Them FOOLS *believed* me when I told them the ride in from Creston was like "a 800 mile day on a big bike", :D

Gotta say, I had ALOT of Phuckin' Fun rowing the gear box at 8k rpm!

Hey Carver, love your bumblebee. I had a 1978 DT250 Yamaha smoker that I called “The Gray Ghost” that I rode all over the place, including some pretty rough trails in the Sierra Nevada mountains east of Kingsburg.
Still have an IT490 Yamaha in the garage when I need a 2 stroke fix……

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