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Someone is "spelling challenged". There's a slight difference in letters but major difference between meanings of custom and costume.

For those of the "look at me" custom bike/chopper persuasion (let's face it, we all suffer from THAT disease in some degree) this bike is in the "way out there" fringe area. It certainly looks more ridable than some of the OCC creations but finding the right buyer is going to be a challenge. And it DOES look more like something one might see the Shriners riding in a parade. :eek:

Ugly? Well, ugly is in the eye of the beholder..........

.........and I'm betting on there being a lot of those "beholders" out there. ;)

Ugly? Well, ugly is in the eye of the beholder..........
MM2, you are a wise man.

And that RocketRod "is in-the-flesh" proof of the Three Constants Of Quantum Theory that holds there are only 3 absolute infinites...

1 - The universe is infinite

2 - Bad taste is infinite

3 - Stupidity is infinite

"Saw a v-rod with ape hangers today ,also one of the local hells angels rides a v-rod, who a thunk it! "

Maybe the harley failthful are finally starting to accept the fact that a bike with more than 60 hp can be more fun than their usual overweight, underpowered, chrome plated tractors.

On a separate note "Ape hangers" simply HAVE to be the stupidest mod there is (with the possible exception of eliminating the front brake, depends on if you think steering or braking is the more important control function.)

I always think the ape hangers make the riders arms into a nice funnel to direct all the bugs right into the riders face.