What is the worst thing you have seen a cager do?

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You guys must be cagers with reaction times like that. This thread was 14 years old.
Yup, I am a cager too, like most of us here - aren't you too? I saw that it was an old thread but I thought my experience was relevant, so I shared it. It has nothing to do with my reaction time, but with good forum practices of not starting a new thread for a topic that already exists.

Happy Thanksgiving to all on this forum! Ride safe and watch out for cagers and idiot bikers too when you are on the road.
34 years in the fire service, including several years on an auto extrication team and a few years on a heavy squad support pumper: Every time I think I've seen it all, some idiot comes up with something new. Nothing surprises me any more.
Mine happened a few years back as well, coming home from work, and already fairly close to my home.
I'm on a dedicated right hand turn lane ready to make the right turn about six cars deep, and this one guy tries to squeeze in front of me so he wouldn't have to go to the back of the line, and he saw me there's no question about - he looked right at me. He just wanted in, and persisted, I was just simply not moving (yet) we were doing like 5 mph approaching the turnpoint. Then at that point he actually weaved in and out like trying to scare me into moving over towards the curb, which I did and let him in. Basically he used his car as a weapon at that point.
There was a traffic light shortly after the turn and he had to stop and so did I. I bet he was shitting his pants at that point because he had nowhere to go, he was boxed in traffic. I got off the bike and approached him at the driver's window simply to ask him what the fuck are you doing? I was also going to bother to explain to him the dangers the people like him but motorcyclists in, that's all. I had no other intentions. The chickenshit didn't open the window, but he gestured at me with a hand looking like a gun, and at one point he reached towards the glove box and that's when I left. I got his license plate and pulled over right there to call the police, and the person that was behind him and I actually saw everything that had happened, and he pulled over as a witness, for the moving portion of it, not for the gesture of the gun and reaching to the glove box because he didn't see that from his car.
Police arrived, took my report, and that of the witness. The officer asked if I wanted to press charges and I said yes - legitimately so, I felt my life had been out in danger.
They found the guy not very far away at his home, got arrested and charged. Can't remember exactly what the charge was, but it's something to do about using the vehicle in a way to put someone's life in danger, or something to that effect.
This is the way that some people learn.

After several months of going back and forth we ended up in court, a trial by jury.
He was there with his lawyer, I had the prosecutor and the fellow witness who had stopped.
Long story short, the mentality of so many people who don't understand when things like this happen or what they do when they take actions like these. When I was put on the stand I gave my testimony of how I felt when this was happening, how threatened I felt, and that I had felt my life was in danger - the trial went on.
After a day's trial the jury (probably mostly cagers) finds him not guilty. That goes to show the mentality of how people see motorcyclists. With everything that happened that day, the witness, and so on, only a jury that doesn't understand what motorcyclists go through when trying to ride safely, how using a vehicle as a weapon is against the law, and the dangers that cagers put us in would allow that guy to get off.

At least it cost them pretty penny to have to hire a lawyer and spend the time to a trial. Lawyers that have to go to trial are not cheap.
Drivers would do well to note that the consequences of their actions can be permanent. For them, not just for others.

Some times natural consequences arrive on two wheels.
You guys must be cagers with reaction times like that. This thread was 14 years old.

That didn't stop you from posting. :cool:

Yes, I'm also a cager and was, in fact being a cager in a pickup pulling a travel trailer, when I witnessed one of the most idiotic deliberate acts I've ever seen. I was following two pickups pulling travel trailers in the right lane of a 3-lane interstate. We came to a split where the right lane must go right, the left lane must go left, and the center lane can go either direction. It should have been no surprise because there were huge green interstate signs with directions well in advance of the split, and the center lane was open. Yet, they pulled up to the point of no return to the right and just stopped leaving all three of us just sitting there. I was trying to watch for an opening to pull into the left lane so I could go on, and just as I started to move, both of them turned left, from that right-hand lane, across the left lane and the triangle separating the two highway onto the right-hand lane of the other direction. There's no way the could have had an adequate line of sight around the curve and through me to be sure there wasn't someone coming in that center lane. I was pretty much helpless sitting there dead still with a 1/2-ton pickup and a 3-ton trailer and a freeway with 75-mph+ traffic while they both completely blocked the only through lane.

I said "idiotic deliberate act" to point out that they were faced with the decision of:

(A) missing their exit and coming back or
(B) endangering the lives of everyone else in the vicinity

And they both chose B -- deliberately. And that was truly idiotic.