Wrist pain after 3 hours

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I tried the Cramp Buster, but didn’t like it much because it got in the way. Last year I got this cheap rubber throttle assist thingies from Amazon that I really like - package of 2 for about $10. My hand (which is on the larger side) fits on the grip unobstructed with gloves on. And, when I want to rest it I just move it outwards a little bit so that the heal rests partially on the rubber assist. It is a good compromise for my comfort.

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Did a web check and the outfit is no longer in business. There are other manufacturers of similar bar ends. None require batteries!!
While the business may be out, there are options to think about, namely having a machine shop fabricate a pair using your existing ones as a template that are made out of steel.

Tom Buckley
When I added the throttlemeister , I also added lead buckshot into the hollow part of the bars for softening any vibration. Also reducing the throttle tension by one winding of the throttle return spring.
My solution for hand and wrist pain: use heated grips between half and full setting on each ride, no matter the outdoor temperature