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    Choosing a Gen II Rifle windshield size (vs Gen I)

    I’ve had a Rifle +8 tall +4 wide since 2009. It’s a great barn door to ride behind. I get no direct wind noise on my helmet, except for stiff cross winds. I run it about 30% up, which tips it back a bit from a shorter one placed up above mid stroke. I’m 6’4” with a 40” inseam, and look just...
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    Fixing 41 year old Honda CBX mirrors....

    Don, WTF is this ??!? That’s like looking down deep in the bell of an old Victrolla and finding the sound diaphragm was remade with a section of soda can, and seeing the CocaCola logo staring back at you. 😬 All kidding aside, nice job keeping that beautiful machine OEM looking, and on the...
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    YFO 2023 - Gauging interest

    Tyler Manchester KOA comes to mind. As you well know, they’re right friendly people. Some of us could bring our camping gear, and others could “Rough It” in one of those KOA Kabins – you know, the ones with the Komfy beds, and full bathrooms with showers. I hear they still have the nightly...
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    It Was Just One Little Wrong Turn...

    He cheated, he removed his bags!
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    Finally, a bike uglier than Brodie's old AE!

    That bike is drop dead gorgeous ! 🥰
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    The Last Pie Ride

    Good to see you put more miles on Krazy Eight! Plenty more life left in him. Thanks for taking us along. 👍
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    It Was Just One Little Wrong Turn...

    ^^^^^ DO IT !!! 😄
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    It Was Just One Little Wrong Turn...

    Just a thought… When you came out of the hills into Watsonville, did you stop at Gizdich Ranch and pick up a pie for your son? 😁
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    It Was Just One Little Wrong Turn...

    So, let me get this straight… You came westbound on Hecker pass road (152), and turned right on Pole Line Road, and took it to Mt. Madonna Road, then made another right turn and followed Mt. Madonna Road away from Watsonville? Sounds like my kind of goaty road 😁. Thanks for pointing it out to...
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    SH__37 issue for the YCCS bikes

    Just two more than Krazy Eight.
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    SH__37 issue for the YCCS bikes

    Louis, My pipe stand consists of three units, all based on 1 1/4 diameter iron water pipe, threaded together: One upright… 2 pipes, 5 feet long 2 elbows, 90 degrees 1 crosspiece pipe, 3 feet long Two feet… 4 pipes, 18 inches long 4 pipe caps 2 pipe tees...
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    SH__37 issue for the YCCS bikes

    Louis That water pipe frame stand used all by itself can get you in trouble. It will take the weight of the bike all right, but the bike will very tippy, and prone to fall over. Look at my picture again, and note that the front wheel is firmly secured in a CONDOR wheel chock. This is the only...
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    New mileage record on a single tank of gas

    Wait a minute… Haulin Ashe? Skyway? It sucked me in; must have been 7 or 8 responses before I read the date – 2007. 😳 It was fun seeing the posts and avatars of members long gone. 🙂
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    Be still my heart - Benelli Sei

    Don, ya going for it? Bored with the CBX already? Is that your $12k bid? Brodie 😏
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    Reuben Run 10 shirts and food

    Just reserved my campsite, and looking forward to the gathering. I'd like cow, Prime Cow. I'll pay you when I see you. Ray, thanks for hosting this event; I've been wanting to attend for the past 10 years! Brodie 🐮 p.s.     Do you know any place nearby that serves up a half way decent...