06 Oil Filters;

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Oct 3, 2005
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Middleton, ID.
Just checked with my dealer and the 06 FJR oil filters are at the dealers. Those who want to change the oil after the 20 - 50 mile initial breakin should pick one up when they pickup the bike to take home for the change. Hope this helped. PM. <>< :D

Anyone know if it's the same filter as the '05? The dealer I bought my bike from wasn't 100% sure and sold me the one for last years model.


AJ MN, the parts person I talked to said they had not had the chance to look that part up until I called and said they had it in stock. I'll know more by tomarrow hopefully. PM. <><

Sounds like the filters are the same as years past. Talked to the parts dude and thats the info I got. Later. PM. <>< :rolleyes: