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Feb 9, 2010
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Falcon, CO
So this little beasty has been sitting in my sister-in-laws backyard for at least 8 years. Long story, short, it was left there by an ex-BF and despite efforts to contact him to come get it, no answer received. I decided to take it home during a recent clean-up effort at her house. It apparently no longer exists in the Colorado MV database and DMV says I can claim it but I have to follow the forms with the first stop at the Colorado State Patrol. Joy.

The good: it is pretty much complete, engine rotates, tires hold air (still amazed by this), parts are still available.

The bad: tank is VERY rusty inside, missing lower fairing "wings", been outside for its whole life, has been down a couple times, hidden gremlins no yet found!

Should be interesting. As long as I can get the paperwork sorted out I will attempt to get it rideable.

Some pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/99987479@N04/sets/72157635011212583/

Should be interesting. I have a love/hate relationship with project bikes. I get so far and can't go down the road of making the bike a money pit.

I have a 1986 Honda Magna V65. It's a freaking monster. 4 cylinder, torque for days. Cold-blooded on start-up, but once warmed it runs like a raped ape.

At this point, I still can't get the turn signals to work and I have a small coolant leak. I suspect the only way to get the signals working is to replace the wiring harness, Something that hasn't been messed with.

Good luck with your money pit, I mean project bike...:-}}

I know a few things about project bikes!

Send money first. Large buckets of money. I should be ready for my next victim in acouple years.

Boy that puppy brings back memories... I bought mine new and after only 2 months I put a Vance & Hines full race pipe on mine along with a jet kit, opened up the airbox, tied the forks down and got that beast to run a 11.001 at the track, no matter how long I starved myself I just couldn't break into the 10's. I eventually couldn't handled it anymore and purchased the 87 FZR1000 that sure fixed that problem, now that thing ripped.