2009 Eastern Owners Meeting Registration is OPEN!!

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I am so excited I can't spit. I had a great time last year.

I took vacation on Thursday, Friday and Monday this year. I think I got my priorities straight (finally).

If you hate riding the FJR, if you hate riding on roads with curves and signs "suggesting" that you go slower, and if you hate hanging around with guys (and gals) who love to ride bikes, EOM is not for you.

And when you get back home, it takes a few days to get the smile wiped off your face.


Just registered and reserved hotel room. Will be arriving Thursday and leaving Sunday. Looking forward to my first EOM! :yahoo:
Uh oh.... a first.

Do the veterans still make the new guys ride the goat the first night out?
Damn!!! I thought it was safe to admit this was my first EOM since it was not a Friday!!! :unsure:

I did ride thru the Lewisburg, WV area earlier this summer and stay at the Brier Inn for a few days. Not quite the same as staying in a Holiday Inn Express, should've been smarter about my admission! :dntknw:


Registration will change over to not include T-Shirts today at 2pm EST.

Registration for the event will remain open up until 1 week before the event.



Registration will remain open until Sunday September 13th, 9pm.

I have to give the hotel the final numbers for the meals Sunday night so they have them waiting Monday morning.

Look forward to seeing everyone in 1 Week!!


Registered... First Eom ever... Doing a 1K in a day IBA ride on the way down. Johnson City or bust....

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