Air Cleaner Cover Screw Hole Stripped

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Yeah, there's a bunch of them, and one or two act funny. It's a metal screw into a plastic threaded hole. Hell, grab a slightly bigger screw. FWIW, mine have never backed out.

! This stuff is amazing! It's expensive in quantity but I think you can get a small kit on Amazon that will do what you need for a minimal price. I found out the hard way just any plastic repair stuff won't work on bike plastics--including the FJR. I used it to practically rebuild a busted side panel on my FJR. It has held strong going on 3-4 years..actually stronger than the plastic itself. Also, repaired a stripped plastic screw hole in the nose panel. Really good stuff to have on hand for anything involving plastic repair.
I've "Missed the Hole" several times in my life. It didn't always end well. JSNS
Can you be more specific?????