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I've got the Akra's on my '13, they're very nice. With the db killers in you get a nice 'dark' sound, just a bit louder than stock.

Just tested them last week without the db killers. Althought the camera mic does not do the sound justice, you get some idea in the film clip...

Yes, you can, I set it to 'restricted' now, so the link should work for you...

The springs will eventually break even w/the anti-vibe silicone sleeves & removing them easily requires a spring puller or notched flat blade screwdriver, a bit of a PITA.
a small bit of safety wire around the end of the spring and your safety wire pliers locked to the wire make installing and uninstalling springs easy. I've done this with exhaust springs and just recently amazed my father in law when I replaced all three springs on his clothes washer in a very short easy time.

I had an Akra on my FZ1 and loved it. Is $1300 for cans only or a full system?

$1300 for cans only. That's crazy!
The Gen. II models like my 08 had cats in the mufflers and replacing these with straight thru mufflers like the Stain-Tunes will lose 7 lbs. of weight and fetch 4 more horsepower with the db killers removed.

The Stain-Tunes go on like the stock muffs, no bands, clamps, springs or doo dads but they are expensive but you get what you pay for.

The FJR is a class act and putting cheap mufflers on it is almost criminal don't you think?

The old saying of "You get what you pay for." kind of rings true here.
200,000+ Miles on my expensive Remus Hexacones and they still so sound and look great.
Not always, many things are just overpriced.

And if the Delkavics only last 100,000 miles who cares they were only $260.00

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$1300 for cans only. That's crazy!
Zilla, your wife needs to teach you how to shop. The Akras for my KTM were 16.

For that kind of money I will always love them.
Oh don't worry. I know how to shop, I just have very different priorities. $1600 would get me a very nice new AR15 or AR10 built. Hell, that would put a really nice compensated scope on one I have now. That would buy me a good supply of .45, or a new Springfield EMP. That kind of money would also go a long way in getting my daughter a new, very nice saddle. Hell, with a trade-in, $1600 would upgrade my safe very nicely. Yeah, I could spend $1600 on pipes, but those are very far down on the list of things I need/want.

The VERY rare moment and display of cogent thought by our own AJ - aka- HotRodZilla.

Tell us the truth...MissusZilla posted that, didn't she. :p

200,000+ Miles on my expensive Remus Hexacones and they still so sound and look great.
Yes they do!


$1300 for cans only. That's crazy!
Yeah, that's a chunk of money for a couple of mufflers. A little better are what appear to be Akra cans from Yamaha, they're only $1,000!


I've thought about aftermarket cans for a long time but never seem to pull the trigger. The stock sound isn't too muffled and I like quiet.

Even more ridiculous is the single can slip on for a Super Tenere, it's also $1,000.

I just stick my earplugs back in and pretend my stock exhaust sounds awesome.

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