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Oct 8, 2006
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New Baltimore, Mi
It's never too early to start talking about the next EOM, is it?

The Boone, NC was a once in a blue moon opportunity due to the policy or strategy the hotels use for the weekends in September that are home football games for Appalachian State University. Basically, if it's a home game weekend, they will not set up a room block or discount; room costs double or triple.

From this year's initial location discussion, there was interest in a more northern location. Flatwoods, WV was mentioned and vetted; the hotel there does have meeting / banquet space and room rates were reasonable. Assuming that the property (Days Inn & Suites) survives COVID, it could still be a viable option.

I spent a few days in Kentucky on the way to Boone this year. There are some decently entertaining roads there. Cumberland Falls played host to EOM 2011. Yes, it is a dry county - byob is acceptable there, so a smidge of planning and all is golden.

Lewisburg could be an option, but we run the risk of having a scheduling conflict with the MSTA meet that takes place each September. The hotel management is less than cooperative to work with for an event - again, assuming it is the same management today.

Of course, if the interest is not there for a northern location, we can drop back to Maggie Valley or seek out alternatives. If you select "other" in the poll, provide details in a response in this thread.

The poll is posted on 2 forums - please only vote once.

As a reminder, these are the key factors we look for in an EOM location:

  • Twisty Roads
  • Lodging at a reasonable rate ($100/night or less)
  • Meeting / Banquet Space to seat 80-100
  • Twisty Roads
  • Restaurant on site is a bonus
  • Restaurants within walking distance a bonus
I'll keep this conversation here for now, and expand it to the other FJR sites over the next few weeks.

I'll also say that if someone else wants to take the event and run it for 2021, speak up.



Quick update.

I'll have a proposal from the Flatwoods Days Inn this afternoon for review.  Room rates are reasonable with no set cancelation policy (a phone call day of will avoid room charges) and rate applies to days before and after event weekend for those who wish to extend their stay.  On site restaurant & bar, and space to provide a banquet meal even with WV mandated social distancing guidelines currently in place.


Update - dates for EOM 2021 will be September 17-18-19, 2021 in Flatwoods, WV.

The agreement is not final yet, but I wanted to get the date & location posted for those who need to make vacation plans now.  DO NOT call and attempt to make reservations yet, no group reservation has been set up yet.