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You missed my wreck. Some asshat in TN made a left turn around a tractor trailer that was turning right and I drilled him head on. Totaled my bike.

Chuck, a couple of good things came out of that. One, you posted up so your still alive to talk about it. Two, you get to pick out a new bike. I hardly ever go to the other sandbox. One FJR forum is enough for me.

Hope your OK,


Dave, doing well enough. Dianne seems to have gotten the worst of it. Muscle spasms in her back and still really sore. Bike has already beed purchased to replace my '07. I found a clean one owner 2014 less than 2 hours away form me and have already picked it up.

H'mmmmmm why do those turns look so familiar? I need to get back there next spring. First week of April is the best time.


Dave - what you missed was almost perfect riding weather.  The only hiccup was the poor decision of a few riders who followed me up onto the BRP Wednesday morning for a nice 45 minutes of zero visibility in dense fog second gear at idle...  We did manage to salvage the day by jumping off the BRP at NC215, heading north and dropping onto the Twisty Blast route - which was a blast...



Nice Pic, yeh I remember doing the same thing with a fairly large group of riders. I wasn't leading though. Following the little red light

is easier than leading. I thought it always rained at EOM events. OH Yeh, the changed the week this year. You might want to stay with

that weekend for next year again.



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