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Parts For Sale Gen 2 seat, bags, tank and more

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Having sold off my FJR, it's time to clear out my stash of parts - the funds are going into my kid's savings account so when he gets out of the service he'll have some $$ to play with. Here's what's available (shipping extra) (pics to follow), Usual first serve rule applies, but I reserve the right to favor anyone from the PNW crew. No reasonable offer refused but no trades as I don't have an FJR. Unless marked as sold or pending, items are still available.

OEM Seats - mint condition stock seats both front and rear - perfect as a backup or to send to Russell or Laam as a core $100 SALE PENDING TO MBROWN

Two (yes, two) brand new in box black FJR side right side bags - yes, both right hand side (no soft cases included), not a complete set. I have no idea how I ended up with 2 right sides rather than the complete set I thought I had acquired, but hopefully there are two people who each need a right side black bag. I opened the box only to take pix - never used. No locks included (you'll need to use your existing locks). $350 each (these sell for double new in box)

A super nice black FJR tank, no dents or scars, and looks to be complete with fuel pump and cap (I don't have the key for the locking cover, you'll need to remove and replace with your locking cover or rekey). Bought this ages ago from ExMarine intending to do a Frankentank and it has set in my shop ever since. $200 SALE PENDING to Scooter


Motorcycle Larry (MCL) riser bars - these aren't the riser blocks but the full steering riser mount, preferred by many over the Helibar as the angle and reach is about 1" better than the Helibar, and your hands are less pronated. These have some scuffs but are in decent shape $200. SOLD

Stock OEM Yamaha handlebar base/riser. Mint condition $25

All Balls steering head bearings. I bought these intending to upgrade but never got around to it. New in the box. $30. SOLD TO PANMAN

Stock rear shock. I recall this was removed at about 5-7k miles for an Ohlins, and stored in case I ever swapped it out. I sold the FJR with the Ohlins. $175 SOLD to Wes_van

Drag bar mounts (new in package) - great for attaching lights or steering pegs to the Canyon cages $10/pr SOLD TO CARVER

V1 Gen1 Mark 2 radar setup - includes 12v power kit, detector, bluetooth adapter (to use your phone as the display with the V1 app), remote audio kit (to port your radar audio into a wired coms system), and a NLine V1 detector cage that can mount on your Nline dash and protects the detector. This is the second (and last edition) of the V1 Gen1 before they switched to the current Gen2 that retails for $600) Box and manual and cables included $225

Free (you pickup for free or pay shipping + a hassle handling charge of $5 for me to drive my fat ass to the post office):
- slightly rashed right side upper fairing

- Complete set of air induction plates/hoses and wiring (see pic above next to drag bar mounts)

-OEM headlight bulbs
please let me take that upper fairing off your hands