HELP! - Retired, will the FJR1300 fit in the garage?

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Apr 12, 2018
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Hi all,

We all dream about motorcycles.     I just retired, moved to Florida, lucky to be able to buy a house with the Floridian Small 2 car garage.  I now have a Rav4, Acura ILX, and a Yamaha Roadliner and thought I could fit my soon to be bought dream, the magnificent  FJR1300.

Wait, not so fast will it fit??  It does have a center stand(which will assume it is easy to put it on)

Can someone send me the Width of the

a) Handle Bars

b) Mirrors

c) The Butt(the two bags width)

d) If you have it the Yamaha top case

Cannot wait to receive this.  I understand they say the width is 29.5 inches measured where to where? Need a - c to see if it will fit..

Thanks in advance to whom can help me,

Doug Alden (MA to FL recent Transplant) 

You're going to need two, at least!😜

Can't help you with measurements at the moment but I found removing the panniers and hanging them on the wall gave me a little more space.  There's also those mcy dollies that allow you to arrange it into some tight space.  Anything to help enable you to add another bike. :)

Thanks guys

If anyone has a FJR they could measure that would be great

Best Doug

The ~29" width is handlebars. I have aux lights mounted under mirrors, but folded they are ~35" wide. Bags are ~36" reflector to reflector.  Leave the bags off to save space, use a bike dolly to wedge it into a corner.

Good luck!


Mirrors unfolded are ~38".  Bags are ~36" as stated by escapefjrtist.  Width of the Yamaha top case isn't an issue.  Height with the top case is ~58-59" but my Yamaha tall windscreen is higher than that by 4-5" while in the low position.  The bike is worth parking a car outside or adding a carport to the garage if local code will allow it.  Good luck. 


If you have two cars in a two-car garage, the bike will be a tight fit, and then only if one of the cars is short enough to put the bike sideways in front of it. Of course, that means no access to the bike without moving the car, but even if it fit alongside a car, that's probably still the case.

Putting the bike between a car and the side wall probably isn't going to happen, unless the car is very small, like a Miata or something. That would apply to just about any motorcycle, though, not just the FJR.

That said, the FJR would fit where some of the really big bikes, like Gold Wings or Ultra Glides.
And this is all assuming that your garage is actually for cars, and not... let's jet say, cluttered.

Hmmmm  thanks to all for all the ideas.  One brain + One brain = 3 Brains 🙂

Bars 29 Inches

Mirrors 35 Inches

Butt 36 inches  (could take cases off...)

Not going to fit...  have comfortably 25-27inches from wives car....maybe will have to go with the Honda Supercub... 🙂

Live in a HOA thats strict... could park car outside....hmmmm....

If there are any FJR1300 owners in Bradenton or Sarasota Florida area let me know... would like to have one to see if it might help figure out how to fit...

Thanks again  Doug

@Deegee The Roadliner is a nice bike, but are you sure you will be riding it much after getting the FJR? The Feejer may just nicely fit in it's place... - just asking.

Rider Joe

My knees buckled when I first saw the Roadliner...    Its like switching from Marilyn Monroe to ....

Rider Joe

My knees buckled when I first saw the Roadliner...    Its like switching from Marilyn Monroe to ....
... yes, she was stunningly beautiful in her time, but time moves on, and so does technology. Since you only have room for one favorite in your garage, you must choose - someone (or something) younger like Christie Brinkley, Charlese Theron, Beyonce, or, you may have to settle for an FJR1300? I can think of some more recent beauties, but that's a different topic... hmmm, ...and if you must settle for a bike, then the FJR is hard one to beat - even now. The FJR is a completely different machine than the Roadliner. It was designed for a very different riding style and purpose. You may have to decide what will fit your needs and style more, and make your choice. Do you want to spend your time polishing chrome and riding down to the local pub on the Roadliner, or to pack up and get away for a few 300-500+ -mile days in whatever weather on the FJR to see and enjoy our beautiful country? That is the question, not who (or which bike) is more beautiful.