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Aug 30, 2023
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Dallas Tx
I don't own an FJR yet, but Im looking at an 08 Gen 2. I've been riding over 40 years and I've been through a bunch of bikes, moatly Honda and Kawasaki, but I started on a 1973 Yamaha 100...

I currently own a CB1100A and two Honda Shadows. I know I will eventually get an FJR, just waiting for the right one.

I've ridden 4 different FJRs, an 05 Gen 1 (shoulda bought that one!), a well worn 08 Gen 2, a low miles 2012 that the owner wanted too much for, and a brand new 2022 ES at a Yamaha sponsored dealership event.

My favorite one so far was the 2005, but when I test drove it, it was 25F out... I live in Dallas Texas, so the temperatures are usually much warmer than that!

In fact, the reputed heat problems of the Gen 1s are why I hesitated pulling the trigger and the next guy ended up getting it (18k miles and clean for $2500!)

I liked the 2012 as well, but it was too pricey... The 08 that I rode was pretty beat up... And that was during the winter too.

The 2022 was nice, but I actually liked the older analog gauges on the 05...

So now Im looking at a different 08, much cleaner and around 30k miles.

So is the heat still an issue on the 08 Gen 2s?

I should have grabbed that 05 when I had the chance, but if I'm going to pay more, I might as well make sure I'll be able to ride it during the warm Texas summers!
The heat is relative. Gen II bikes had some wings that you could adjust, but sometimes flew off too. Gen I bikes are bulletproof. There are a host of heat "fixes", but truth be told, if you wore real riding gear instead of jeans, it wasn't as much of an issue to begin with. 30K is nothing for an FJR. Find out if the valve check/adjust was done at 26k, if not, it's a bargaining chip, if so, it's something you don't have to worry about until 52k. Cam Chain Tensioners, (CCT), are a every ~52k thing, but it's not an expensive thing.

Welcome and good luck on the hunt!