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Jun 17, 2005
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This doesn't really fit any category, so I started it here in Fun Stuff and the Mods can move it if they feel the need.

For all of you looking for a little something different-

For a reason to go riding that can be down the street, or as far as you want it to be --

Here is a game that you can play every day, (if we keep it rolling). Its a WILD CARD TAG.

The premise is very much like other tag games, but I'll give you an example.

Say the current tag is a water tower, I post a pic of my bike under a water tower and and call it "Water towers" or or just specify that the Tag is "your bike and a water tower". The person starting the new Tag gets to specify what must be in the picture and is judge of what qualifies if there is a question about a tag.

The First person to post a pic of their bike and a water tower, (a "Grab" gets the new tag and gets to choose what the new tag is.
It should be able to move around VERY quickly, as there is probably a lot of things near you that are similarly near other people. Maybe even in your back yard! Try to make the tag something that most anyone can get in North America. A bus is good, a Pink Bus, not so much. For winter, keep the tags easier, but as things warm up we can move to more interesting tags that may be more difficult to get or require a longer ride.

Check out the Empire State version of this game for a more detailed example.

Rules borrowed from another game:

North American Wild Card Tag Game

The point of the Wild Card tag is to reproduce a similar photo of an object or place that can be found in many different locations around North America. Much like a scavenger hunt, examples include specific street signs, a railway crossing with train, yourself at a toll booth with reciept, etc.... Get creative

Rules are easy...

1. Find a SIMILAR tag and reproduce the photo (as best as possible). Take the tag to a new location, get the photo and post it here.
2. Upon posting your new tag, the tagger is responsible for specifying what it is in the photo that must be reproduced. Be specific, but not so specific that no one else will be able to play because we couldn't find another pink school bus.
* Try to place the tags in interesting locations, objects or places that could probably be found in at least the majority of the continent.
3. Tag must be: a) Common amongst North America &
not placed on a trail or seasonal road. Dirt is ok, but remember some of us are on street bikes.
* Maintained gravel is OK, but make sure to let folks know that gravel is required to get to your tag. We don't want to exclude those who don't like to get dirty.
4. The first person to post a found tag gets to place the next tag. If you get a tag, but somebody else posts their picture first, you lose.
5. One tag at a time within thread. File photos are NOT permitted. You gotta ride to play this game.
6. No whining There are plenty of folks here that will help you understand the rules
7. The holder of the tag determines if the tag has been duplicated and acknowledges it by posting on the thread. (Surrendering the Tag)
8. No Pre-Arranged Tag Handoffs / Linear Tag sequence
9. The motorcycle in the picture must get to the tag location under its own power and be ridden there by you.
10. Last but not least, should the tag be soo ridiculous that no one is able to reproduce it, it can be voted down if a majority of the active participants feel necessary.

Added rules:

11. Don't post a 'Grab' unless you have a new 'Tag' picture ready to go. This avoids other players losing riding time while you go find a new tag pic. Have one ready when you post your grab pic.

12. 2 by 2 rule: After a player has grabbed a tag and posted a new one, that player is not eligible to grab the next placed tag unless the tag has sat for two days or longer. This one keeps the game from being monopolized by a couple of players and gives more people (with real lives) a chance to participate.

Remember, the point of this is not to win the game, or get a better picture than the guy who just bruced you, the point is the ride. On that note, if someone tags a post office. Rather than get out and ride a block to my local post office, I might ride an hour or so, out to the historic post office a few towns over.... Make it interesting. Use your imagination, almost anything can be a Tag.

I will make the first one easy, but its a file photo...

TAG: Your bike and water. Can be lake, fountain, pool, stream, what ever. Frozen or liquid.


Now someone go Grab this and post your Grab, and a new Tag!

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I'm a fargin Tag-a-holic already on ADV forums. Hence, I am definitely IN!!

Since this is an FJR forum... should there be any specific added rules limiting the tag to an FJR? I mean, I wouldn't mind if there weren't, so I could use my other bikes as well, but just offer that up as a uniqueness to make your game FJR Related.

But... You are clearly the master of your own domain (this game) and thus I succumb to your general wisdom and whims. Plus I don't think that you even have an FJR anymore, which would cause an irreconcilable conflict of interests here.

For those of you who have not as yet been sucked into the swirling, life-consuming vortex that is Tag-O-Rama... weigh your entry decision well. You may never escape. Bwa-ha-ha-haaaaa!

Now bring it on!

edit - Oh wait... Shouldn't we require that the tags all be NEW pictures? Yours is like, what... 4 years old? You gotta go ride to get the tag. I await your judgement before I post up a (recent file) photo to satisfy you initial tag.

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I'm not going to limit the game to just FJRs, for purely self serving reasons, I don't have one any more!

I just used a FJR file photo I had to kick things off, but I do agree that file photos should not be used for grabs or tags. I used the FJR pic partly because I was about to head out for a ride and partly since this is the FJR forum, I thought it would be nice to start it with a FJR pic. It does state in the rules that no file photos are accepted, (#5). And I do the tag games on ADV too, at least the North America and Global ones. And on the Super Tenere forum. It will suck you in!!

I Hope you can ride in NH Fred, and I certainly welcome any and all riders. Note, 0 mile tags are perfectly acceptable, use your imagination!

I'm in, used to play this on another forum as well. It's snowing out right now or I'd go get this one.


Ok, I finally figured out how to post pictures again on the forum...I had to switch to Chrome, nothing else seemed to work.

It was pointed out to me that the water can be of the frozen variety, so here goes:


Sorry I couldn't ride to this one, but I'm a little snow bound. If this qualifies, I'll post the next tag.

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Good enough, though it's kind of a file photo unless you were taking it for this tag game... ;)

Post a new tag Sammy.

I have played something similar on a different forum but the difference was a qualifier. Something like gloves on the mirror or helmet on the right driver peg to keep the library photos to a minimum.

My bike is currently put up due to ice on the road

So mine's no good?
I missed Phil's pic. Looks like a bike with water to me. You have the Grab Philjet09, go for it. Sorry Puppychow, Phil's is a great example of a zero mile grab.

We'll get the hang of it as the game moves along.

It's your game, but I would suggest 2 additional rules:

XX hour rule (whatever time period you deem appropriate). After a "Grab" you must post up a new tag within XX hours or the last grabbed tag is again in play and fair game. This keeps it from stagnating when a player gets busy with life right after a grab.

2 by 2 rule: After a player has grabbed a tag and moved it, a player is not eligible to grab the next placed tag unless the tag has sat for two days or longer. (could also make this a 3 by 3, or 4 by 4) This one keeps the game from being monopolized by a couple of players and gives more people (with real lives) a chance to participate.


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Thanks Fred, new rules added. Hopefully these will help keep things rolling and make it simple to refer to later on if there is a question. Some of the other tag games I play require a marker, like gloves, but I'm not going with that simply because I'm not that worked up over the little details. If someone is so lacking in riding time that they feel the need to push off file photos, that's their issue. The point here is to go for a ride, take a few pics and have some fun.

I like the 2x2 rule, so did add that too. Sometimes a game can get heavy on a few players, but you never know when they are going to take a break either, so don't let that stop you from going for a ride, or posting your "Bruced" picture. Legend has it that in an early tag game a guy named Bruce was always beating people to tags, thus the term "Bruced" or "Being Bruced" for someone beating you to the tag.

Oh yeah... I've been Bruced a lot. Especially before I started using tapatalk, so that I could upload a quick pic from my Crackberry while still out on the road (later to be replaced with a better quality photo from my camera).

Unfortunately, (or maybe not?) the FJR forum is incompatible with tapatalk. So there may be a whole lotta brucing going on.

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I've been Bruced too, but not all that often. I simply check right before I go out for a ride to see what's the current tag(s). When I get home I upload the pics and see if I'm still good for the tags. If so, I post them up.

One game is stuck on a 8 axle locomotive at the moment. No one has found one, or had the desire to ride far enough to get one they know of. I haven't had a reason to go to Vegas, (130 miles each way), just to get that tag and weather has been a factor for other taggers too.

I waved to a soon to be Brucer once as I rode away from the tag location . He had a smart phone and I had to go find some Wi-Fi. In the summer the tags move fast and furiously. But getting bruced is OK, because you still got to ride somewhere, often it's a place that you'd never been before.

[tag brag]

There are a number of geographically bound TORs in New England, and since the states are so small you can participate in them all.

I am only one of two or three that have ever held 5 tags at once (VT, NH, ME, MA, NNE) a quinnafecta! All of mine were grabbed, and the new ones placed, on the same day. It was a very fine day.

[/tag brag]

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I'm in. Also play this in various forms on other forums. Being Bruced is all part of the fun.



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