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Sold Russell Day-Long (Gen II/III)

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Apr 13, 2024
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New Mexico
Purchased a ‘15 that came with a Russell Day-Long set, selling the front/rider seat only. Gotta keep the missus happy in the rear, but it was far too tall for me. Fits Gen II/III. I’ll be calling tomorrow to get the build information. Pics attached. Let’s call it $300 + shipping.


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For those wondering about fitment, this seat will work on 2006+/Gen 2+ bikes. It won't work on 2005 or earlier Gen 1s.
Somebody’s ass is gonna be happy.
It was pretty comfortable, even though I’m guessing the specs will say it was for someone heavier than I, I’ll agree there. Bum thing is I could barely get the tip of my boots down in the low setting and sliding off to one side. I’m used to having a reach because of my inseam, but I felt like that video of the really short woman riding a GS that would get a running start at lights and jump on then jump back off at the next light.