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Jun 1, 2018
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Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Spring project finally got finished. After looking at the useless Princess Auto tire changer take up space in my shop for years I researched modifications to make the thing actually useable. I cobbled together numerous good ideas and created a multi-function tire changer with separate top sections for car/truck, or motorcycle tires. I needed it to be mar-free so I could use it on aluminum and specialty rims as well as common steel. This is the result. The reason I built this was boredom, retirement, and a hatred for overpriced services and unreasonable wait periods at commercial shops. I learned local shops are charging $75 per tire for motorcycles, bare wheel brought to them. Around $150 if you bring them the bike, and wait 1-2 weeks for an appointment. Crazy! So now I can change my own tires, on my own schedule, and have nobody but myself to blame if there's a new ding on the rim. As an aside, if any of you cross-country riders end up with a tire emergency mid-Canada, send me a msg and if I'm home I'd be happy to help with a change. It wouldn't be quick, and I don't have any tires in stock. But if you have, or found a tire, and can't find a shop to do the change I could help get you back on the road again. For balancing I've used both a static balancing bar, and more recently balance beads. The static bar got me thru many years of triple digit speeds in my racing efforts. The balance beads have seemed to work well in two bikes I've had them in so far. If any of you are interested in building your own I'd be happy to advise on how I built this one if the photos aren't enough.


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Nice work. Where did you get the red "foot" from? Can you give some close-up photos of that?
I use the Harbor Freight unit with a Riderwearhouse balancer. The H. Freight is a bit tough on the rims if you are not careful. Some carefully placed gorilla tape saves most of the damage. If I had known how many tires I would be doing (100+) I’d have sprung for the “No Mar”.
But the H.F. and lots of tire lube gets it done.
Pretty sure it's called a ducks head. About 20 bucks on Amazon I think. YMMV. ;)

Nice work. Where did you get the red "foot" from? Can you give some close-up photos of that?
Fast pappy is correct. It's called a tire mount/demount duck head. $25-150 on Amazon. Here's a link to the Canadian version...
Technicians Choice Red Mount/Demount Head for Hunter Tire Changers... https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00LC4MLPK/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_P03CPP3SK6P4WWEF9C9G?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
Nicely done. Looks like you started out with a Harbor Freight base and modified to suit?

Yes. Mine was originally a Princess Auto unit. PA is Canada's version of Harbor Freight. You used to be able to buy a motorcycle tire changer accessory piece that attached to the top but since covid hit that piece has been impossible to find, either side of the border. So I used the PA base and welded the rest up myself. The No-mar unit is very nice, but even the least expensive unit with over-arm was going to be over $1000 to get to me after shipping and exchange rate. And the no-mar still uses a long pry bar, not the duck-head. This build cost me around $200 in steel and cutting/grinding wheels.
Got it. Didn't know that Princess Auto is the Canadian version of HF. I use a HF changer with Mojo modifications and lever. Have a yellow thing too! With proper technique and plenty of lube we can make short work of most tires.

Have made many modifications to my harbor freight MC demount tool. Pitch the mount dismount tool. Too hard on rims. Get a nomar demount tool and the duck bill tool for mounting . Also get some Nomar Paste for lube . its the best and a game changer . You will have to make a mount and pivot point for the duckbill. See several YouTube videos. One of the best mods I made was to weld a 3/4 but on to the hole where the HF spindle goes. You can then screw a 3/4 threaded rod into it. About 18 inches long. You can use this as a lever. point and if you put a washer and nut on you can use it as a very strong hold down for the tire. Put a piece of PVC pipe on to protect the threads. You will be pleased with the results..