To everyone going to SFO this weekend

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Jun 14, 2005
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Omaha, Arkansas USA Motorycling Paradise
First - I would be going but screwed up in allowing my wife to schedule us to be in New Orleans for JazzFest this same weekend. :angry2:

Second - since I am not going to be there I will instead have to depend upon you, my fellow trusty "field reporters" to regale us with ride reports, pictures and stories of FJR owner comraderie while at the event.

Third - I don't want to see no stinkin' reports about people taking "agricultural excursions" off into ditches, fields, mountain sides, etc., etc, etc. The roads around Russelville have many sharp and decreasing radius corners so stay focused, ride your own bike at your own speed and STAY UPRIGHT!!

Fourth - Have fun and see you next year. Heck, maybe even at CFO this year.

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