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Terry Pahl

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Oct 18, 2019
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Any recommendations for a top box for my 2018 FJR 1300? The bike color is matte blue, although that does not mean the box has to be that color, although it would be nice. Thanks in advance for your input!
I’ve got the OEM color matched
+it is huge: I can fit two full sized helms plus some gloves and such in it
+it is keyed to match my side bags
+it matches the paint of the FJR and side bags
+it has a back rest for the pillion rider

-it is pricey
-it is huge: you’re likely to exceed weight limits before capacity limits
-ive had some defects like screws coming loose and strap mounts breaking. Nothing that was critical or difficult to fix, and mine showed up beat to hell by warehouse and shipper

All in all I like it and always have it on. I use it for my work equipment while commuting, odds and ends when running errands, and as secure helmet storage when adventuring.

When touring I use the side bags as the “luggage” and the top box as quick access area for layers, hydration, snacks,

When purchasing I bought four components: the rack, the box, the back rest, and a key set to key all my bags together
If you're considering a factory top case, start with the aluminum mount rack, I believe it's 1MC-F48D0-V0-00. Then decide which size, 39L or 50L. Now tha said, I had a factory box and switched to GIVI. SR357 mount comes with everything you need, box ordered separately. Truct me when I say- no one but the owner notices the color. A Maxia, a V46, and a V47. All good.
I'll second the GIVI, starting with the SR357. Powder coated steel framework makes it far stronger than the OEM rack (never heard of anyone experiencing a sub-frame crack when using the GIVI). From there you can add whatever GIVI Monokey (not to be confused with Monolock) box tickles your fancy.

I have an older E45 (available in any colour you like as long as it's black, holds one modular helmet or two 3/4 helmets) and a fairly current V56 (also mostly black, but with a silver panel that could be repainted to colour match, holds two modular helmets) and can swap back and forth between bikes as desired depending on needs of the day (although I usually have the V56 on the FJR).

The disadvantage of the GIVI is the extra key. You can't use the third OEM lock in a GIVI case. If One Key To Rule Them All is an important feature for you, then OEM is the only choice.
Thanks for all the input. After reading these and some other opinions on the topic, it appears that Shad, Givi and OEM are the recommended manufacturers. Now I just have to make up my mind on all the various options, however, it seems that no matter how I go with these three companies, I should be satisfied. Thanks again.
It's probably more of a decision on the size. I have the smaller (39L) OEM box on the upgraded support rack. Keyed to side bags and a great set up. It will NOT hold 2 full face helmets, but I rarely need that. The 50L is indeed huge and too big for little old me (61yrs and only 5'5", and short inseams) and may even effect handling at upper highway speeds... but that's another thread that has been beaten more than the dead horse.
One downside of the OEM is the lack of integrated brake and directional lights... if that's important to you.
I use a Givi case and leave the key in it most of the time. The key is captive when the case is unlocked but easily locked and the key removed when I stop somewhere. I never cared much for the appearance of the OEM case...
I went to the Shad 58X and am completely satisfied with it. I like the fact that it’s expandable. I run it in the medium position which is pretty much the same size as my former Triumph Trophy OEM box.
It was a pretty easy install but the instructions pretty much sucked and it came with some hardware not needed. Finally called them to get it figured out.


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