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Apr 25, 2006
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Elkins, AR
I am considering an 06 FJR1300 for Two-Up riding, and just wondering how it is for the passenger. I had purchased a New 05 GoldWing back in November, and believe it or not it was not as smooth for the passenger as I thought it would be. The wind buffetting was terrible for her, and if you were in a cross wind she was ready to get off. I am not the only one with this complaint, several others have made the same comments. We test rode an 06 ST1300 on Saturday, at first she hated it, after 5 We adjusted the seat all the way up, and it was better, but she was not in love with it. So I am wondering if the FJR will offer anymore comfort than the ST? Or at this point would it be a good time to cut my losses with this Girl Friend, and seek another :D Might be cheaper at this point!!!

Any info will be greatly appreciated!!!


IMHO, this is a very subjective opinion. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that if she hated the ST1300, the FJR won't be much different.

Time for a trade-in, if you know what I mean. ;)

Perhaps you could cajole a forum member near you into a test ride?

Anyone around here from around Richardson, TX, willing to help the poor whipped shadow of a man out? Bueller?

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Honestly, the FJR is not great for the passenger- at least compared to the Goldwing or ST1300!

The buffeting is only somewhat blocked by the closer riding position of the passenger to the driver- but that is not that comfortable for very long rides to be in such close quarters...


I should have mentioned, that Rocket has offered his bike, I was just trying to see if there were any pros or cons, or possibly anything to make it better for her!!!

Thanks Again,


My friend has an R1200RT BMW, and my wife has ridden passenger on it, and she likes it a lot better than being a passenger on my FJR. I also like it better when she is on the :>)

I'll take her for a ride. She's buying lunch, though. I might be hungry when I get back to dallas. B)

As posted , this is subjective. How big you are and how big your girlfreind is matters some too.

My fiance loves riding on the FJR. She says it is ALOT better than riding on the back of my Vulcan 750..(even after the addition of stuff to make her more comfy)

She says the seat is great, roomy and only gets blasted by air if the windscreen is down. Note here that I am 5'9" 145lbs, and she is 5'5" and around 128lbs.

I have the top case with passenger backrest pad and passenger floorboards...she says she would see no problem doing a 600 mile day.

The question here to me is, are you buying the bike for you or your girlfreind? ;)


Huh....5'9, 145? Wish I could see my abs. Wish I could see your woman's abs. Christ...I am 5'8, 170. Women on the back of my 05 never cried about wind or anything. Of course, they probably just wanted to ride. I am such a sucker.

Time to cut your losses. some options, let take the bus, buy her a plane ticket, let drive her own car. or just buy her a good pair of walking boots and tell her these boots are made for walking and that just what they will do :haha:

Ok next time I find a girl friend, I will require she hold a dinner plate to her back side, and if she cant see any of it in a mirror, dont look for a call back!!!

I am 6' 190# she is 5' 3" 130#

Thanks for the info, even the funny comments!!!! :D


Christ, tap..six foot, 190? You are a natural wind blocker. What is the woman crying about....? Is her makeup getting smeared up? Have her contack fjrchik for riding instructions with make up.

odot, the makeup will be ok. i'm sure she knows it's her hair that gonna take the bigger hit. unless of course she doesn't wear a helmet. which i don't recommend. brain splatter is definitely not attactive. us ladies have to stay attractive for our mens. :)

my brain won't splatter cause i wear a bucket. yours on the other hand - well, just get a helmet already.

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Hey tapntx it is only good spirited fun nothing personal .

One thing for shure some women are hard to please you just may have one.

But I bet she is most likely a great person.

Good luck trying to find the comfort zone :haha:

I know it is all good natured ribbing!!! :p

We ride in full gear all the time, Full face helmets, Jackets, Gloves, Boots, and atleast jeans. "Better To Sweat Than Bleed" The funny thing was she was more comfortable on the old BlackBird, than she ever was on the Wing. The other thing to remember is she only has about 2000 miles of riding period. And 1k of it was on the WIng, and the other was on the BlackBird. I kept telling her it takes a little while to get acclamated to the riding position, and get your body conditioned to it. Thanks for the info, and Maybe in the next few weeks we can try one of the new FJR's and see how it fits her.


I see alot of people complaining about buffeting and you have to qualify your statement so we know what type of buffeting you are talking about. Are you talking about buffeting from the front, such as when you change the position of the windshield, or are you talking about buffeting from the backside as the air flows around you and the passenger? Its important to clarify what buffeting you are talking about.

As far as crosswinds go, any bike with a fairing and bodywork on it is going to move with crosswinds. I grew up riding bike in North Dakota, crosswinds don't bother me because it was always windy and its wide open there, you just get used to the bike swerving underneath you.

Now to the question, if she's not happy on a Wing or ST1300, she won't be happy on the FJR either. Maybe she really wants a Harley?