What you do besides motorbikes?

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Scotland is a fabulous vacation destination! We went in 2015 for 10 days (rented a car in Edinburgh and drove 1,000 miles through the Highlands and departed from Glasgow. Wondered around on our own and visited places as we came across them. Loved every minute!

We’re going back to Scotland in September..my 4th trip there, my wife’s third. In 2022 I rented a 650 Versys and rode the NC500++
Other than motorcycles, I usually love to spend time listening to music and in my garden, and I also love to watch movies, my favorite genre is action suspense thriller, and looking for some good suggestions, please let me know if you have any good suggestions of this genre which should be available on Netflix.
Retiring at the end of the month after 50 years of full time employment, the last 25 supporting the FAA and the nation's air traffic control systems.

I spend time coaching my 7 year old's little league team and hopefully will have more time for this...
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I retired after 40 years with the fed. FAA was my final assigned agency. Worked about 6 years, solo, supporting FAA (IT) at DFW. Then moved to the RO where I finished out my time in 2012.

Nice car.