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Sold Yamaha Touring windshield

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Aug 4, 2022
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Rock Hill, SC
I've replaced the Yamaha Touring windscreen that came on my FJR with a stock shorty (Thanks @mshrout). He was nice enough to pass it along at no charge, so I figured I'd pay it forward.

Anyone looking for a used touring screen? I'll box it up and ship it to you for just the cost of shipping.
Where did you get the stocker? Mine came with a Cee Bailey and I'd prefer the stock screen too
Another forum member had the stock screen from their own upgrade to a touring screen. Post on the "wanted" section. I bet there are others out there with their old one gathering dust.
I have a stock screen from 2015, and it wasnt used after i bought it. Got a touring right away, then actually a barn door sized screen fro CalSci. $50 plus ship if you want it
Just letting everyone know that Bionicpork (what a great friggin board name BTW) is an outstanding guy to deal with.

He wouldn't even take lunch money I offerred as a thank you but instead directed me to make a donation to a charity. Super class act.