2019 Covered Bridges of New Hampshire Tour - Oct 5th

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Fred W

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Nov 9, 2006
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Eastern VT
Hey... You NERDS!! (New England Riders Doing Stuff)

We have not run this little day ride for a really long time now, last time was way back in 2014!   So, what with the resuscitation of the FJRforum and all, I thought that it is nigh time to do it again this year.

For those not familiar with this ride, it is a very casual group ride with a primary focus being on the foliage and New England scenery.  Definitely not ridden at a sporting pace, it will also be very passenger friendly since we make several stops along the way for photos and gabbing.  We will be following the traditional route, more or less, (we've ridden this since 2006!) which means that we'll be meeting up at the Fiddleheads Cafe in Hancock, NH. This is a little gem of a place that makes a killer take-out breakfast if you arrive early enough, or you can just grab a good cuppa Joe during the meeting and greeting before we head out.

The plan is for kickstands up at 10:00 AM sharp, so plan to arrive accordingly to give yourself time for breakfast and meeting folks. From there we will take many scenic roads to the south and west of rural New Hampshire, and visit about a dozen Covered Bridges throughout the day, most of which we will actually be able to ride through.

There will be a short lunch stop at Diamond Pizza in Walpole, NH (bring cash money - no cards or checks are accepted) which is pretty cheap and decent grub, and then we will wind ourselves back to the north and east. We will hit a few short, unpaved roads, but there is nothing there to get nervous about. Just smooth, gravel roads.

The route will end up at the intersection of Routes 202 and Route 127 in Hopkinton, NH (at the Dunkin Donuts). That is a nice central location that allows everyone an easy exodus in whatever direction they are headed home.  Josie and I will be headed back towards Manchester from there  via back-roads, if any folks want to tag along.

The primary date will be Saturday October 5th, with a tentative rain date of Sunday the 6th.  So tell your friends... They do not have to be on an FJR, but good riding manners are appreciated. If we happen to have too many folks show up for the ride we can split into multiple groups, but we've run this with a lot of bikes before and it not been a big problem due to the light traffic and rural roads we'll be covering.

By all means bring your camera!  Or just use your wicked smaht phone!  Hope you can make it.

Links to some photos from a couple of previous Covered Bridge rides.  If you browse the threads further back in time there are many more. 

2014 Covered Bridges Ride Photos

2012 Covered Bridges Ride Photos

Links to download GPS route files (from dropbox)

2019 Covered Bridges of NH.gdb  (Garmin Proprietary format)

2019 Covered Bridges of NH.gpx  (Generic GPS file format)

Notes:  You do not have to create a dropbox account to download these files.  Look at the fine print at the bottom and you can skip creating an account. 

Before importing the route, make sure that your GPS has the following Navigation settings: 
Route Preferences: Faster Time
Avoidances: Disabled
Recalculation Mode: Prompted or Off

The way that I usually import routes is to download the "*.gpx" file and copy the entire file to your GPS's X:/Garmin/gpx folder on the device itself using windows explorer (or whatever program you use).  Then the waypoints and route should prompt you to auto import when you turn on the device, or else you can use the "User Data" app to import them.  Alternatively you can use the "Send to Device" routine from basecamp or mapsource. 

When the route imports it should automatically do a recalculate to match the route to whatever version of maps you are running.  Only allow the route to calculate once.  Any additional recalculates with fark it up.  If that happens for any reason just delete the route from your GPS and re-import the route using "User Data".  If you have any problem with the route just let me know by PM and I will try to help.


NICE!  Glad to see you resurrecting this.  Maybe you should've retired sooner.  :D  

Nothing conflicting for me on that date so calendar is marked accordingly.  To those who haven't done this before I'd say it's one of the more enjoyable rides out there.  You'll get a great feel for New England in the fall and not just for the scenery but in the whole relaxed, firewood-scented, country-road atmosphere.  And fresh coffee with warm bread at Fiddlehead's??

Then again I guess I'm preaching to the choir, right?  Sorry.  I'll just say I'm looking forward to it.

Sorry, Russ.  Maybe it will rain on Saturday and get bumped out to Sunday? 😟  The next one is the long Columbus Day weekend, on which lots of folks have family plans.  Plus Warner runs a big hoopty Foliage Festival that we would have to run through.  By the time you get to the third week in October it's getting mighty chilly, and most of the good leaf peepin' is over.

Also, in keeping with the laid back 'tude of this ride, I just pushed the KSU time out to 10:00.  That will give folks more warmth and daylight to get to Fiddleheads in time for breakfast.  It's also still going to be daylight savings time, so we should have plenty of light on the back end of the ride and not be riding home dodging the Deers and Meese.

Absolutely.  As soon as I get a chance to give it a quick run to make sure the old route is still good.  

I do remember that you enjoyed the Covered Bridges of VT route at NERDS the year that you came out.  There are a lot more unpaved roads on the VT route.  Heck, there are a lot more unpaved roads in VT period.  One of the reason I like VT so much.

Darn, was hoping to make this one as well, but will be in Texas for family reunion. On the positive side, hoping to bring the bike down to check out the hill country.

Now I am going to have to clean my bike. Dammik!   We will try to make this. Note to self, check with the boss to confirm date.

Dave & Ann

We will not make it this year. Prior commitment that we can't change.  So I rode it with Fred this past Friday and Saturday AM

We will not make it this year. Prior commitment that we can't change.  So I rode it with Fred this past Friday and Saturday AM
Jack and I finally got around to test riding the route, and found out that found some of the roads I was planning to ride are totally trashed this year, so to conserve everyone’s dental fillings, a modified route will be forthcoming. We will be skipping one long section of dirt road that was recently graded (soft dirt and FJRs don’t mix well) and bypassing one of the 12 Covered Bridges that can’t be ridden thru.  I  just need to rework the GPS file and then I’ll post it up later on today.

As promised:  Links to GPS routes added to first post
Thanks for the links.  I don't think I will be able to make it on October 05 but I am thinking about a New Hampshire ride this coming weekend - supposed to be fairly warm overnight and I am thinking it might be my last camping weekend for the season.  I haven't done the NH covered bridges so this gives me something to do.  Foliage won't be doing much yet, although on my ride in New Brunswick today, I noticed that some maples have started to turn.  There will be a few more by next weekend but a couple of weeks before they really get going.  While the leaves are spectacular, I can see them at home and don't have to deal with the hordes of leaf-peepers.

Not sure where I will end out but I am thinking of getting a campsite near Gorham NH. This is a couple of hours north of the target area but (according to Google Maps) there are a bunch of covered bridge selections in that region as well - could pick up some going to and from my campsite.  (Do you know any of these, Fred?)

My plans will firm up as the week, work schedule (and weather forecast) progresses.  IF anyone is interested in sharing a campsite (probably Fri-Sat), let me know.  

Greenfield State Park near the start is a highly regarded camping spot if you can get that far the day before.  

Also, I have a POI file for GPS with every Covered bridge in NH and VT.  Not all have been verified as accessible.  Many are not.  I’d be glad to share it if you’d like it.

I haven't stayed at Greenfield before.  Just looked on-line and they are about 3/4 full right now.  Not surprising as they are fairly close to larger urban areas.  Not ready to make reservations this early so I will see what they have later in the week.  

I wouldn't mind having the complete covered bridge POI file.  (Although putting a covered bridge search term in Google Maps brings up a bunch for any given area.)  Do you want to put it in your Dropbox and post the link here or email it to me?  (I can PM with my email address.)

Edit:  Is this the file from POI Factory?  (2007 file upload, is yours newer?)