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Hi Hair,
I think you are mixing up the FZ09 with the FJ09 as far as the seating position. I have had both FZ and FJ and what you describe is the FZ09 not the FJ. The FJ has a more relaxed riding position than the FJR, with the foot peg further forward so there is less knee bend and the foot pegs are further away from the seat so your legs are straighter and there is less lean forward than on the FJR. U are right on the windscreen. I installed a modified FJR Touring windscreen on the FJ and it worked fantastic. Tried for a couple years to get another FJR Touring windscreen but couldn't find one used in good shape and ended up buying a National VStream which works pretty good, much better than the VStream I had on the FJR. Come on over and you can test the riding position on both the FJR and the FJ side by side. FJR is 2005 and FJ is 2015 as seen in the pictures I posted above.
I thought we were talking about the Suzuki GSX S1000GT ??? That is the bike I was commenting on!
The market demand for large sports tourers is more or less not there. I bought my 2018 FJR1300 as a new leftover in February of 2020 with zero miles for $12500 OTD. The bike MSRPs for $18K at the time. I did have to drive 4 hours, rent an enclosed trailer to bring the bike home in sub zero Midwest temps. That's nuts from a business sense. At that price point the manufacture and the dealers are basically offing inventory at cost. I am sure the dealer was counting on addons at the point of sale to make money. The finance guy was visibly disappointed as I systematically turned all of the dealer addons down.

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