A pre-Xmas ride (Oz style)

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FJR Steve

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Dec 26, 2006
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Perth, Australia
Well....what a night.

6 FJR's of various configuration (and years) rolled up to enjoy the fine food of Little Caesar s Pizzeria in Mundaring (atop the hills, East of Perth) this evening. We are all members of an Australian FJR forum (some are members of this fine establishment also)

I convinced my wife (Chris) to join us, as she was reluctant to attend if she was going to be the only female. Fortunately, Joop's lovely wife (Francis) was there as well, and a great night ensued.

We left home (Mindarie) at 1730hrs....making our way east towards the rendezvous with Laurie (09 AE - Gunmetal Grey) at Ellenbrook. Couldn't miss him...he was sporting some new foot "bling". WOW! Nice boots mate! We made our quick introductions, and then headed off to enjoy the scenic run past the wineries and restaurants of Middle Swan, before we turned left onto Roe Highway, and then left again to head up Greenmount Hill.

Laurie and I carved (well, I did some overtaking. With my pillion on board, carving up the traffic is not a term she would want to hear) through the "going home" peak hour traffic, and crested the hill into Mundaring. I spotted a couple of likely front wheels, peeking out from behind a F250. Yep...Murray (2003 Gen1 - Jade Green) was first to arrive, with Joop (pronounced Yope....sorry Francis
) and his wife Francis there as well (09 AE Gunmetal Grey). So, 4 FJR's neatly lined up.....hello, here's Bernie (09 Black). Excellent....then Blue showed up as well (07 Silver with Blue Stripes)...and we had the biggest gathering of WA FJR's recorded (for our forum). 6 of them lined up, and they soon became the talking point of all who walked past. Even the guys in the bottle shop (next door) had some nice comments to say about the gathering.

We ordered our pizza's, poured our wine, coke and/or water and proceeded to discuss everything, from touring in Europe (Joop & Francis), which restaurants would be our favourite (Steve & Chris), driving to Geraldton tonight (Murray), how to make a cylinder head and a piston non-compatible in a 2 stroke 250 (Murray), being able to knock off work at 2.00pm and hit the road on the FJR (Blue), how wonderful Aurelio and 5 Star Yamaha are for service (Joop) and so on.

The pizzas were awesome, company terrific, and we all agreed, we must do this again. Murray left us early on, he was driving to Geraldton tonight (429kms...about 5 hrs worth), Blue, Bernie, Joop & Francis went there separate ways while Laurie, Chris and myself headed back down the hill. As we were gearing up, Chris wanted to make use of the facilities, but could only find a service station across the road. I said "you go over there, I'll call past and pick you up." Poor Laurie, he thought I had left Chris behind when we took off, until he saw me pull into the servo.....mate...I'd never hear the end of it, if I left her there.

Great location, great company, great times. Thanks for coming. Merry Xmas to all.

Now ..... Bernie said something about a Dwellingup breakfast run?

The Bikes....(L to R):

Murray, Laurie, mine, Bernie, Joop, Blue (the riders in the background are Laurie, Joop, me, Murray, Francis, Chris, Blue)


Laurie, Joop, Steve, Murray, Francis, Chris, BlueW


Laurie, Joop, Steve, Francis, Chris, Murray


Steve, Francis, Chris, BlueW


BlueW, Joop, Francis


Steve, Chris, Laurie


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Jan 7, 2007
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Chandler, Arizona
Merry Christmas-Happy New Year's and Thanks for Ride Report-Pics, Steve! OZ motorcycling is on this old fart's "Bucket List"!

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