Are Rifle Fairings still in business or gone the way of Bike Bandit?

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From Post 3, here is the last contact info:

3140 El Camino Real
Atascadero, CA 93422

(800) 262-1237 USA
(800) 262-1237 Canada
+1 (805) 466-5880 International
Hello everybody,

I am from Switzerland and ordered from Rifle a custom windshield after a good two months of struggle with them on mails exchanges to get informations (very long answer time and delays on production, shipping, etc.) but they were very nice though. When I finally received my item it was the wrong one (right bike, wrong model year, doesn't fit). I gave the right informations on my bike, mistake is clearly theirs. After I contacted them on the matter, several times for the past two months, they never answered me. I was going to take a shoot at it again today but I now see that their website has disappeared. Does anyone knows what's going on and if they are still in business please? Or did I just lost 200 dollars?
Do we have a local member that could maybe swing by and see if the shutters are open or closed?

I've been calling, but no answer machine anymore, no website, and my emails are coming back as undeliverable, which may be tied to the website down because it is a email address.
Whelp... I waited past the 6 weeks, am at my 8 weeks. As posted... they're out. No phone answering, no leaving messages, emails returned undeliverable, website gone. Filing for a refund from my card company. Taking money without the intention of delivering product would have been the last way I thought they would have closed up.
Proprietor ill/dead maybe? Mind you, it was a 2 man operation at last report. Creditors swept in and seized everything?
Proprietor is Gary, who was working production, and sales/service was Dennis for the last year+. Both working as of closure.
I have a 2011 with biggest and lightly tinted Rifle. I will be selling my bike soon. If anyone really needs it, I am willing to sell separately. Let me know . $200 plus shipping.

So sad to hear this. I have the oversized Rifle on my 2008 with the wedges and it is great. The wedges give it just enough extra sweep that it still works well at highway speed, though I admit I bring it part way down when I go over 65 mph, to reduce the stress on the mounts.
I also have one for sale its the + 3 measures 22 inches tall with tuning blocks as well as all hardware asking 200.00 shipping not included but can be picked up in Eastern Washington state.Sold my 07 and will not fit my 2013 .


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I ordered a windshield from their website two months ago. There was no indication that the standard size I ordered was not in stock, and my credit card was charged immediately; When nothing happened after a week and the order status remained "Shipment Pending", I used the contact form to inquire. I did get a response indicating they "build to order" with a delay of 4 to 6 weeks. Still nothing, status remains "Shipment Pending".

Has anyone actually ordered and received a windshield from them over the past, say, 6 months? Or have they gone the way of the Bike Bandit website, taking orders and charging credit cards despite being out of business?
Made a purchase in April and they took the money out of my account but now none of their phone numbers work?
Made a purchase in April and they took the money out of my account but now none of their phone numbers work?
Sadly, I think you are out of luck. It appears that they have suddenly* gone out of business without informing or refunding pending customers. It may be too late, but depending how you paid you may be able to get restitution out of your financial institution based on the transaction being fraudulent. Depends on the institution of course.

*In retrospect, it appears the handwriting was on the wall some time ago. They were probably struggling back when I first started this thread over a year ago.