CFR 2018?

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Jun 24, 2005
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Oyama, BC
Hi Team: I'm not sure who still has access to this area or will see this post!

I would like to get the old band together if possible and stage another CFR in the Kootenays next year. By default I would prefer Nakusp again as they did such a nice job for us in 2009, but I will check out New Denver too as 8 years have passed already.

Sylvia and I had coffee with BigJohn in Spearfish last week on our way home. He thinks that booking our rally the week before his would be a great idea and might attract some crossover traffic. Those dates would be June 21-24 for CFR, and the following weekend for his event.

What say y'all? (Sorry we were in the southern US for a month). Please chime in!


Hey Don - how the heck are you? Has Rachel Notley completely wrecked your business yet? Maybe it's just you and me still with access here? I will email the Jeffs and Kasey and see if we can get the band back together.

See you soon? Always room for you at our FJR safehouse!

ya, She and Jr. aren't really generating much investor confidence in the Oilpatch....

Generally try to make a trip out through the Kootenays a couple times a year.

Still have your phone number, so I will give you a call next time I am out.

My number is the same.

Sounds wonderful and something to look forward to! I haven't had a group ride for ages and riding with some of the old gang would be deelightful.
The '03 and I are still enjoying ourselves and I look forward to the Kootenays again: I Love the whole area.

Hi Kasey! I started an email thread yesterday as so many are not in here any more. Did you get them? If not please give me your new email addy and I will get you caught up!