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Sorry about missing this morning. when I tried to get on the forum this morning I got a error message. I hope a good time was had be all.

So... nothing came together?
If anyone wants to try a last minute morning ride and given the likely NASCAR traffic, I'm going to head NE of the metroplex tomorrow morning. I don't really know the area so I'm going to see where the map leads me unless anyone has any suggestions.

I'll be at the Starbucks below at 8:30 and will be kickstands up at 9:00 if anyone is interested:

Eldorado Pkwy & I-75

2811 Craig Drive

McKinney, TX 75069

Google Map
Well a good time was had by one. :D I took backroads up towards Paris then across towards Bonham before heading home. Wasn't a very long ride, but just enough to get a good layer of bugs over the bike and my helmet.