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Jan 29, 2008
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Rocky Mount, NC
Back home after 250 miles of slab with Louis! Another fantastic EOM in the books...thanks to Wayne, Gerald, and the rest of the team!

Rolled in 10:30am...215 slab miles. Ate Sunday dinner with wifey, and have been enjoying the last day of pool season and sunning ourselves in the sun drenched lounge area.

Home safely after some slab and some very foggy Parkway miles.

Thanks to all who made this event possible. Enjoyed my first EOM.


Home safe after 420 miles mixture of slab and 2-lane roads. Great event and great roads!

Sooze and I headed out this morning with Dave (BlanchD, Bob's brother) following us. We took 52 from Wytheville all the way into southern Ohio (Dave peeled off on 119), so very little slab getting home.

I nursed my sickly FJR 414 miles today to get 'er home, and had 1245 miles for the trip.

We had a great time. It was great seeing old friends, putting faces with names I'd been looking at for years, and making new friends.

Many thanks to the cat-herders who organized this event. It was a great one!

Can't wait for next year!

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Mona and I just got home. 440ish miles today, 1442 for trip. Hit 7 Tour of Honor memorials during trip. Great time once again!

Thanks to all staff and volunteers!

<blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Allen_C" data-cid="1339521" data-time="1474837442"><p>

Home safe after 420 miles mixture of slab and 2-lane roads. Great event and great roads!</p></blockquote>

What he said. Thanks to all who organized and put this shindig together.

My first EOM was amazing.

840 miles of slab and 12.5 hours later my busted ass and busted ass (but still beautiful work of art) bike are both back home safe if not entirely sound.

Got home safe, started out at 4 am from the Ramada and got to the house at 6 pm central time. The trip was uneventfull until I got to Tulsa when the skies
opened up and dumped 2" of rain in 30 min.
Had a great time meeting friends I have not seen in quite a while, and met some new ones. Thanks to the peeps that organized this, and thanks to my Hooligan buddy Oface for the great rides he led.
Let's do it again in Hooterville.

Home - deer slayer never skipped a beat.

It was a great ride home, starting out with FJRFarrier, BSeelbach, and Ozzy; Peeled off for my exit and Ozzy continued towards the border crossing at Port Huron.


I made it home safe with my pile of parts on the trailer. In spite of the wreck it was awesome to catch old friends and make new ones. Another awesome Eom!

Funny story from the drive home with my busted ass fjr on the trailer . A guy and his wife came up on me near Knoxville on a GoldWing, he slowed down and waived for me to open my window. He yells to me "I used to have an FJR and I'm so sorry yours got banged up". (-:

Rolled in 6 ish after 500 plus lame azzed slab miles. Great times with great peeps!

It didn't rain!!

Had a good time with Jason while on the rescue mission.

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Made it home 11 1/2 hrs 1100 Kim's. Flew right through the border without a glitch. Added about 1800+ miles to the bike this weekend.

Thanks to all who put the event together. Great to be with old friends and meet some real salt of the earth new friends.

Thanks to fjrfarrier bseelbach and extrememarine for the great company today. This crew knows how to move.......

Mel (ozzy)