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To use a forum banner, I think it would look a bit "too much"...a motorcycle forum sticker needs to be simple and recognizable, especially from a distance, something like this;
View attachment 4876
It also needs to be simple and easy to replicate on embroidery machine, on the pin, on the shirt, hat etc
It doesn't necessarily have to feature the complete picture of a motorcycle.

Simple and recognizable FJR contours (panniers should be added to design below for sure):
View attachment 4877
And feature the familiar FJR logo
View attachment 4878
And also feature the familiar forum fonts
View attachment 4879
Alternatively hi contrast bike silhouette
View attachment 4881
I agree to much detail in the original design. It's purpose is a sticker. Trying to jam so much detail in such a small area looses the effectiveness of the design and purpose. Top case is a accessory and not how the FJR is sold. The top case may throw the design off when looking at a quick look. Not sure if someone will take the time to study the design to take notice that the bike is a FJR.
I've sent notes to the artist. Especially the brighter blue with sharper/contrast. And a regular type font.
Something isn't quite right with the windscreen. Too small and the angle seems odd. Left mirror sticks out too far.
The color is OK but really not a common one - closest to the Matte Blue, I think (2018 and 2019). I think the Cobalt Blue is a more iconic Yamaha color.
Even the Galaxy Blue.

I assume the design is stylized enough (and without tuning fork) to prevent issues with copywrite infringement?

What is the intent for making these stickers? (assume to raise money to support forum?)
How large are they?
To go on a surface or behind glass (i.e. car rear window)?
Waterproof? UV fade resistant?
Expected cost?
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I haven't set the size, but about 5 inches across and less than 4.25 inches tall. They do well on outdoors equipment. At the beginning there will be 2 each for supporting members as a little extra 'Thank you" for helping to support the forum.

So, these are not perfect but do they bring to mind the FJR? We want near but not too exact so they won't be considered. The will go on surface.
Much improved. No chance of switching to the correct side bags? A ’more Yamaha’ blue would great.
Can you show me one with "correct side bags"?
Can you show me one with "correct side bags"?
Correct OEM saddlebags -
Most obviously convex exterior, chrome or rubber strip and pop out reflector. And main body color, at least from the factory.
Thx for indulging my request.
Prefer without top box, even though I have an oem box on my fjr. It does look better without, just not as functional.
Okay. I hope this is good enough. We need to get these ordered for you.
This is revised color, and bags. No box.


It will still have the outline and not be a rectangle. Do the saddle bags look OEM?
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