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FS - BeadRider

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Genlll SS
Sep 10, 2007
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Measures 14.5x14.5 used once.

New @ $58 plus shipping

$50 shipped

Good Free advice: keep using it. I was at least 500 miles into my first trip with my first one before I realized I really liked it. Definitely takes some getting used to, but I've put over 150,000 miles on two of them since I almost chucked it back then.

Great for hot weather. Great for rainy weather too, unless you like sitting in a pool of water. Seriously, keep trying.

Ive got a Terry Adcox seat now, I have no intention of using it nor do I care to get use to it.

I also have a sheepskin and a gel pad IF I decide to add something to this seat.

Im keeping those two for my K75.

The Beadrider will remain for sale and $50 shipped is as low as I will go, thats a good savings over buying new.

Thanks for your input, a lot of people swear by them.

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I'm looking for a SW-MOTECH Type 110 EVO Tank Bag Ring

Would consider a trade for the ring, and maybe plus cash for the small tank bag 2.5-5L ...??