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I have two other FJR buddies and all three of us are former BMW riders/owners. We usually attend the BMW MOA National (we went last year to Springfield, MO and there were about 5000 riders in attendance), however, our favorite is the BMW RA National Rallies as they average around 1000 or so attendees. I only wish we could arrange a Central Owners Meeting sometime.

And don't forget about the BMW Hiawatha Rally that usually has demo bikes to ride (thanks Leo's South!!) that is usually held in early June in Money Creek, MN.

Anyway, welcome and good luck finding a FJR to ride!

I was at the BMW rally in Springfield, MO too. Thanks for the information about the BMW rally in Hiawatha Valley. I will look for more information about it.
Good morning from Camarillo, CA. You did the same thing I did. I keep my FJR in Minnesota and the RT is here with me in SoCal.

Had a great time riding the Yamaha down to Anamosa, IA this fall to look at the museum with my son-in-law, who owns a GS. We rode the river roads and thoroughly enjoyed the colors along with how much fun it is to ride a bike that was meant for those roads. Enjoy.