hello from Springhill fl.

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Welcome aboard, Mark. You're gonna love this forum. FWIW, Mark is the guy that bought my FJR last year. At the moment he's trying to track down the paint code on that Galaxy Blue. Sad to see the Bin'O'facts seems to be gone.
Welcome to the forum, Mark. By chance can you share a pic of your bike?
Welcome to the forum. I have a 2005 FJR which I bought new. I have been riding a motorcycle since about 12 years old (I am 71 years old now) and it is the best bike I have ever had. It is relatively easy to work on and the best thing to do is to keep up with routine maintenance. Using the FJR I have become a member of the Iron Butt Association and have taken the bike coast to coast. There are many great bikes out there and the FJR is among those.
The fjr I ride on I have known for years before I bought it. Was a friend's bike and was well taken care of. Love the bike. Also was given another fjr from a man named Scott. It was flooded in Fort Myers Beach during Ivan. I thank him for the bike which will make my bike like new.