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Parts For Sale NoMar tire changer/balancer/accessories (Los Angeles)

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Sep 1, 2006
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Los Angeles
Price reduced.
The whole thing is too heavy to ship so only pick up from Los Angeles is possible.

Motorcycle NoMar tire changer $500 OBO. If you want to do it right, do it yourself! Change your own tires at home anytime and do it right. Include all the following (they were 100% made in USA so you know it will last until next century). I used it to change probably 5 or 6 sets of tires since new.

Tire changer:
Classic HD<br>Race Day Package<br>Motorcycle Tire Changer
I ordered it with a receiver hitch mount for 2" receiver to make it portable. You can get a floor mount if you like.

BMW single side wheel balancing adapter and axle:
Large Balancing Cone Set for Single-Sided Swingarm Wheels-BL

extra yellow thing:
YellowThing® Bead Keeper Tool-AC-YELLOWTHING

extra spoonbar:
SpoonBar 16

Here was my write-up and you can see some actual pics:
Motorcycle Tire Changer and Balancer at home by Mike Lang
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