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Was good fun but I got to good at it so it was time to quit and live a bit longer.

I think I started a whiskey and cigar tread awhile back..... Perhaps someone can dredge that up for you...

Anyway....I'm a Scotch guy, that dabbles in Irish Whiskey too, and loves a good cigar to go with that. Not a Bourbon fan, but there have been a few exceptions (Buffallo Trace)

I like big ass Churchills rolled from Dominican leaves..

I did, then I spent 70 days in the hospital fighting throat cancer. My advice is don't.

When I did my physical for my life insurance I was advised that 2 or less a month (of real cigars and not flavored cigarette tobacco, and not inhaling) put me into the non-smoker category.

I have 2-3 cigars a week. Pretty much anything Dominican is fine with me. Do to just being "financially challenged" now, I'm gulping Irish whiskey instead of Single Malt Scotches. Been trying to kill off a bottle of Two Gingers right now.

So that trade embargo was lifted off Cuba right? Where are the cigars??

Perdomo Lot 23 or 10th anniversary with Maker's Mark bourbon or sherry cask Glenmorangie scotch.

...Actually I'm liking the LFD El Jocko, or LFD Double Ligero, with a good Bourbon currently. Another favorite is the boutique brand D'Crossier Cigars.

That's what my mother smoked ....like two packs a day....Chesterfield unfiltered. She did have emphysema and died due to it. Likely helped me finally quit cigarettes....about 11 years ago.

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