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Apr 19, 2007
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Pacific Northwet [Woodinville, WA]
This just in from Phil Freeman in Alaska – literally! Dave, we had a last minute cancellation on our Peru trip that will put us under the watermark for running the trip. Because of this, I would like to offer any riders for this trip a $500 discount off the trip, and if they bring a riding buddy, I'll throw in a free upgrade to a BMW F 650 Twin (value $350). Our trip cutoff for signing up is March 18th and this is a one-time special. The tour runs from May 18th to June 2nd. Are there any particular customers you would like to pass this on to? We would really appreciate it!

Here are the details for the Peru Machu Picchu Adventure

I wish, no can do. Just passing along hoping someone here can get in on the deal.
Dude, I just sent you a private message. I am taking your illegitimate bastard son Old Michael and my illegitimate bastard son SkooterG along with tus Papa Chuy Viejo to Baja California Sur, Mexico in October of 2013. Invitation Only - "Pops" you are cordially invited, ese!

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Dave, that sounds like it'd be a groovy excursion.

(And that Peruvian PuddPounder is some good sheet, ...Don tells me.)

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