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Feb 15, 2010
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Fredericton, NB
Late last year, changed hands and changed the software platform. It is now running under XenForo and there are some changes in how things work (mostly for the better). The biggest difference that affects members is in the area of posting photos.

With the old software, any photos posted had to be "links" to images (.jpg), stored somewhere on the Internet. Images did not "live" on the forum site. It could be from an on-line article, an advertisement or from a photo hosting service such as Flickr or SmugMug. There are some limited "free" photo hosting services out there but, to our collective dismay, they have not always been reliable in the longer term (i.e. Photobucket). Photo posting wasn't especially difficult but did require specific image "tags" and the software was quite fussy about alternate photo formats. The other major downside is that the photo would remain in the post only as long as the link remained valid. In some instances, a member might post a photo link from an ad or article and these tend to NOT be links that last forever. Similarly, links die when someone gives up on a paid photo hosting service or the service (especially "free" ones) changes image sharing policies. Hundreds (thousands?) of photos have disappeared when the original posters went on to other things (or died). Photos from many tech articles and ride reports are simply gone.

Anyway, things are MUCH easier now. You can simply do a "copy" and "paste" to add any photo to your post. The image appears immediately and you can drag from one of the corners to resize the image. The image can come from the internet or from your computer or phone. Here is one of my 2011:


Instead of copy/paste, you can use the Insert Image tool. You have a choice to Upload Image from your computer or Insert URL if you are linking to something on the 'net. The following photo of my grandson is from my Flickr account where I linked the URL:


This is easier to do than to explain. Incredibly simple to snap a pic and copy/paste into your post without jumping through any hoops!
You can also upload videos directly from your computer. I am not sure on file size limits (especially for videos).

Image posting has been a sore point for many members over the years...
Great news. I had given up posting pics in the past, as it was just a hassle. Now I plan to post picture of my upcoming Eastern WA trip!
Many thanks to ouir forum Admins - I too, have already started to enjoy this awesome improvement. (y)
The new forum owners were ALL of this upgrade. It's a big perk and tickled not only the feature, but photo hosting is available. :)
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Outstanding pic Torchsport! Now, insert your pic "full size" thanks
I'm not entirely sure how that happens. Picture attached as a thumbnail as opposed to full image?
The easiest way is still to copy the image from wherever it is and just paste into your post. Resize as needed to fit properly.