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Nov 30, 2010
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Murrysville, PA
I have been a "Smoker" for many years, but recently got the Meatheads book. One of the tools that really intrigued me is Sous Vide, and specifically the Joule Suis Vide circulator. I can see many applications for this, from vegetables to turkey, and my intent is to combine it with grilling and smoking to really step-up my culinary adventures.

I considered electric smokers, but Sous Vide may meet the the desire for unattended cooking with great results and great flavor. This video inspired me to purchase custom sized GrillGrates for fast searing with smoke. I bought enough GrillGrate to complete a 19x 10.5 section on my gas grill, and I'm looking for good BBQ hardwood pellets to add to that. I still need to purchase the sous vide circulator. This video features the Joule, bt there are some much less expensive units out there. Joule has a magnetic bottom that might work well, and some very innovative features. Many of these units have smartphone apps that let you look up recipes and set the temperature and time to cook a wide variety of foods with "perfect" results.

I'm inviting participation from sous vide veterans for their input to help a newbie, and those that, like me, might just be getting started. This is a complementary thread to Fred's Smokers, Let's Talk About It. Let the foot porn begin

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I'm in. I have an Anova that has done well the few times I've used it.

Really good for setting a dish (fish, meat) and forgetting it while working on other stuff. Getting everything to be ready at the same time has always been my biggest challenge and it makes it easier.


Sous Vide prime rib steak.

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Thanks for posting this up, Tom. I had never heard of Sous Vide before. I'm interested to see how it works out for you. In the last 10 or so years, I have really been interested in the culinary arts, and I do have a few signature dishes, if I do say so myself. But the thing about food is, it seems like I'm constantly looking for improvements in what I myself cook, but especially I'm looking for new and even better recipes. So keep us posted!

Watching this thread. Bought a Primo XL grill in early '15 and do a lot of smoking and grilling; I swear I refer to the website at least twice a week. I've also invested in a Steak Locker for aging steaks at home and I enjoy prime rib steaks, aged anywhere from 30-45 days, on a regular basis. Reverse searing is absolutely THE ABSOLUTE BEST way to cook a steak and the sous vide looks to make that process (and others) so much easier. The Joule Sous Vida is one of very few things on my Christmas list.

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Yep...seen all the ups about cooking steaks this way. But we only occasionally eat red meats.

I'd like to see some advantages of using this for cooking other foods.....

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Chicken - you can ensure it's cooked thru, then finish however you like without over-cooking (i.e. grilling)

Pork - same as Chicken - PERFECTLY cooked, instead of the usual over-cooked.

Eggs - oh. my. god. (As long as you like perfectly poached eggs)..

Vegetables - Carrots, especially, are amazing.

You can also make many sauces, syrups, custards, dairy products with it.

I just had custom cut GrillGrates delivered today. Will have to try them out on a Porterhouse (T-bone) tonight. These were featured in the video in the first post and are designed to run very hot getting a good sear, and wood pellets can be tossed in for some smoke. Perfect fit, and replaces 1 of 3 sections of the grill. These will be good for general grilling, but I got them in anticipation of finishing sous vide cooked foods. I won't have a sous vide circulator until probably Christmas.

eflyguy, sounds great, but you know what they say...


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Lamb (Rack, sous vide, then finished on grill before slicing):


Beef (Choice NY Strip):


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I have a lamb rack in the freezer...can't wait. I have a sous vide coming for my birthday NOV 22, so maybe around Thanksgiving I can give this a shot.

Did a porterhouse on the GrillGrates tonight, and it came out fantastic. No precooking, so just took the internal temp to 135 and it was just about perfect. I'm hoping with sous vide it will be more tender, although no complaints, especially with wine.

Still wrestling with whether to get the Anova, or wait on a Joule.

Joule is simply a "beginner-friendly" immersion circulator. It may help Sous Vide become mainstream, as they have an app that sets the device based on what you're cooking and how you'd like it cooked. That means you don't have to look up cook times every time you make something. For me, having a few years experience, I rarely do, and although my second Anova connects to my phone via Bluetooth, I never use that feature as it's totally unnecessary (unlike a smoker where keeping an eye on temps is critical)...

Nothing wrong with it at all - you're just paying for the app.