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For those who have, or have not, been to our house before, it is easy to miss our driveway.

So I did something aboot it.

I found a respectable use for the Yamaha flag I got at EOM last year.

This will be out at the end of the driveway.


PM sent to Geek.

Planning to arrive late afternoon Friday. Hoping to sleep somewhere at the house if there is room. Hammock/air mattress/ lawn chair in the driveway.

And Tech Day XV is a wrap. Sooze and I had breakfast with Griff and AcadianSlim before Griff headed off for some Tour grabs. I took AcadianSlim to see the field of concrete corn cobs, then he headed off for da Great White North, eh, via Detroit.

Thanks to Bill and Ray for their help. Thanks to Phil for letting me take the Ural for a spin. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and brought beer.

One thing I just realized, though - my AVCC doesn't work and we didn't look at my bike at all.

Oh, well. Guess we'll just have to put that on the list for Tech Day XVI, right?

A big thanks to Andy and Sooze for hosting, most graceously, and with a sense of humour. But please, and for the love of god...SLOW DOWN!

Bill and Ray were simply amazing (for a couple of fellow Canuckistanians ;) Thanks again for the labour and guidance, gents.

It was nice to meet you all. I'd offer to host XVI - I've got a 650sf rooftop patio on the 21st floor where we can work on the bikes...anyone got a hoist with a 250ft cable?

Thank you Andy and Suzie for hosting yet another great event! Thanks to Ray and Bill for taking to time to travel with tools and know how to lead the projects.

It was great to see familiar faces and meet new friends and share laughs........I'm still cracking up that one of our members stared in a movie called "Rub and Tug".

I'll post a review in the off topic section after I get a chance to watch it.

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