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Apr 10, 2022
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Thanks for welcoming me into your group. After being off a bike for 33 years, I bought my 2009 FJR 1300 AE on Feb 28, 2015, and I believe getting this bike saved my life. 3 months later i was on my very first solo cross country motorcycle adventure. Logged @ 4,500 miles in 7 days.

I was 58 years old, working 7 days a week and was 100 pounds overweight! I walked away from a $20,000 a month revenue stream and lost 80 pounds while riding my bike @ 76,000 miles in 2.5 years (bought the bike with 2,300 miles). Went on 4 cross country adventures, solo, since purchasing my rocket ship! Unfortunately in 2027 I started having issues with the dreaded SH..37 error code and the bike was at a mechanic’s shop for 7 months with no results so I brought it home after having a few choice words for him. At least at home, I could continue to care for her in the garage and sneak in a 20 minute ride once a week.
I decided to take it to the dealership where they’ve had it for 6 months and trying to sell me a $1,600 MCU, after they’ve spent $400 accomplishing nothing. Came across an article by a group member named, “Brodie” who seems to have found the smoking gun. I’d like to find him again and ask him if his bike is still in tack. Other than that, I’ll look forward to seeing y’all’s pics and reading about your adventures on one of the best kept secrets in the motorcycle world, FJR 1300! Ride safe everyone and thanks again for accepting me into the group…here’s a pic of my beast at Tail of the Dragon in 2017! My last cross country adventure…


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Welcome from the Big Apple and congrats on your choice of rides,the best if I do say so myself. The photo used for my avatar is also from a trip to the Dragon back around 2010. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find some answers here to your problem if you haven't solved it yet. You've come to the right place. ;)