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A few years ago we were doing the usual back roads Sedona Az ride after which we rode down the hwy south a bit and rode down a side road.


Day 2, July 20, 2020, Bozeman Mt  to Aitken, MN.  Late afternoon I was catching up to a cold front and looking at some serious T storms but lucked out and skirted the south edge of one that would have soaked me good. I was looking for a campground because a shower before bed sounded good after 2 days and 1700+ miles on the road but it seems there are a lot of private resorts in northern Minnesota that have signs that say "campground" out along the highway but don't have a tent site available for one night.  Instead they have lake front sites with 30 ft RVs with semi permanent decks built around them. So as it happens I made 2 off route trips that took me on a 10 mile goose chase before finding a "public campground" only a mile off the highway in Aitken.  But got in too late to take a shower even if they had one.  I would have jumped in the Mississippi river if I'd gotten in a little earlier.  And then the cold front caught up to me and it poured rain all night but no matter, I was warm and dry in my tent and slept like a baby.  I even caught a break in the morning as was able to pack up and hit the road in the dry but it didn't last.  I was unable to get ahead of the same cold front that I passed easily with nary a drop of rain landing on me the day before and ended up riding in and out of squalls from Duluth to Munising and through the Seney stretch.   The Photo below is "Good morning Day 3".  Soggy but at least not raining while I pack up.  


I stopped for a photo on the “million dollar Hwy” heading north from Durango, CO to Montrose, CO. the short story is I had flown to CA to meet with a friend that had his 2017 BMW R1200GSA for sale and I bought the bike. Instead of shipping it home, I decided to ride it cross country back home to GA. I had a great trip, weather was good (late September, October) and bike performed flawlessly.


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