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Hyperactivity has it's benefits!
Pete. You might get tired in a spelling contest with Mr. Crombie...but I bet he knows a thing or two about riding.

I don't give a crap about how anyone spells near as much as how they ride, adjacent to my bike. I know what he's sayin. The only time I correct someone is if I wanna be a jackass, and you know, occasionally I am.

Can I get a witness?

I really hope to make EOM. It's gonna be fantastic.
Oh I hear you, and I just wanted to post that "Baited Breath" meme because I thought it was funny! (I have a somewhat twisted sense of humor.) I do believe that he took it as intended, which was a good-natured poke.
Besides, I'm ollways lerning two speel mur gudley inglish!

I'm completely with you about riding skills, and I'd add someone with good judgement as a part of that.

This will be my 1st EOM (but not my first meet), and I look forward to good riding and fellowship.


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