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May 4, 2023
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Vestal, NY
I have a 2005 FJR1300 that I bought from the original owner about three years ago. It is a great ride! I just joined this forum since I have been poking around here recently looking at various maintenance threads. I just ordered a new CCT and gaskets because I noticed a bit of chain noise when I took it out of storage this year. It has about 55k miles and I just read about the CCT on older bikes being a potential cause of catastrophic failure - yikes!😰

I have the fairing and gas tank off to check and I do have the original CCT - no green or blue dot. Parts on order. Bike will sit until job is done.

I suppose I should check the valve gaps while I'm in there...

I also own a 2015 Yamaha WR 250 R.

I just finished replacing some transmission gears in my stepson's TTR125. The FJR CCT replacement seems simple in comparison!

I am looking forward to another season of riding!
Welcome from Rochester, although my bike is in Watertown in hibernation at the moment. Wishing I had kept it here because there have been days where everyone else was out riding in the 57 F weather.
Welcome from southeast PA!
Did the valve check and CCT on my 2007 last summer at a “tech day” in Ohio (Thanks Andy!).
I was in the company of experts so unfortunately I did more helping than doing so I’m probably not the best candidate to help you with that but I do have a shim kit and I’m less than 3 hours away.
You’ll want to look into removing some emissions crap while you’re in there too…