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Aug 18, 2005
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Stillwater, OK
Left the Marriott at 7:00am got home 6:00pm. Had temps from 53 deg. in NM to 105 in the panhandle of OK. Had a great time, and looking forward to NAFO 2. :yahoo:

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I just got home about 30 minutes ago. 15.5 hours, just over 1100 miles. I am planning on posting the details of today's slog, as well as the other two LD rides I managed in the Iron Butt section sometime tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for a great event!

Why do I feel like I am still on the bike?

Petey glad you made it and hope that everyone else is successful in getting home with no problems.

I think that I am going to take the KLR to Glacier, Banff, and other places in that neighborhood next month. It won't be our Alaska trip but will have to do until next year. I'll talke to you soon.


Escapefjrtist and I just arrive home. 1130 miles in about 18 hours......a GOOOOOD pace.

He gets to claim as his first Saddlesore too....another virgin cherry popped.

....I-84 is getting boring however. I dread riding it again and Nebraska in about 9 days. :dribble:

I just got in a few minutes ago. Ditto the WonderBeagle was happier to see me than my wife was. *sigh* FJR Pig & I rode together from the hotel to Wendover. He decided to crash there for the night & will continue on tomorrow. He bitched about the Wyoming wind, but came to realize that it was pretty tame to the nasty crosswind across the salt flats. More later. Got some catching up to do.

Good to hear you guyz all made it home safe and sound. I'm over nighting in Montrose CO after running GZ's SS1k route for fun. :rolleyes:

70mph (average) times 14 hours got Sylvia and me home about 7:30 tonight. Very uneventful but then how much fun do you expect to have in an Uplander van? We only saw 500 deer and antelope through Colorado, Wyoming and Montana today. Less than 1/2 of those we saw on the drive down.

It was great to catch-up with a lot of old friends and make some new ones at NaFO. Special thanks to Scott Cathey for the loan of his shiny new GL1800 so that Syl and I don't have to say that we went all the way to Colorado for a motorcycle rally - and never rode!

Props to TWN and the entire NaFO team - outstanding job, great venue, you've set a tough standard for future FO's to meet.

I will look forward though to someday understanding why Yamaha took the decision to totally blow off 250+ of their most fanatic and loyal customers... Sheesh guys - not even some key chains!?

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Hey Mitchy and I barely made it to Cheyenne for 9:30 at night. We left at 9:00 am and just wandered up and down mountains all day. We hope to be home some time in August. NAFO was great fun and to all the folks I met I'm glad to have met you all.

Good to hear you guyz all made it home safe and sound. I'm over nighting in Montrose CO after running GZ's SS1k route for fun. :rolleyes:
You big dork!

Wish I would have known. I just checked into a motel in Ridgway, just a few miles south. I would have allowed you to be my rommie.

Did a new road today - now one of my favorites. CO141 south of Grand Junction. Thanks to FJRobert and beeroux for the tip.

I am home around 10:15 Central. I guess I "smelled the barn". (Thanks Caba)

Still WIRED. Great GTG. Thanks to mbottoms and nosecone for the company to Amarillo. Safe ride home.

I'm just outside Chicago tonight, with 900 miles since this morning at 1030a, just over half way home to Maryland.

How the hell did I miss meeting TriggerT, for Pete's sake?

Ride safely, all.

Update -

I'm home!!!! What a great time!! I'm really grateful for all the new friends I got to meet. Too, the NAFO staff did a really fantastic job putting this event together. The food on Friday and Saturday nights was really, really fantastic.

I think I saw the funnel cloud sort of starting to form outside Des Moines on Sunday night. The whole sky was low and flat and there was this cone that sort of looked like an upside down soft ice cream cone, what with the twist and all. I was staring at it thinking, that looks like it could turn into a tornado. So it was interesting to hear that there was actually a tornado watch in the area.

I know people were interested in a performance award count - 0 for me.

Total miileage: 3650, including one 1750 mile leg, one 900 mile leg, and one 850 mile leg.

See you all at NAFO II

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Just got home in Vegas.

Kaitsdad, TurboDave and Malve escorted me to my exit and are currently on the way to their respective homes in SoCal.

Awesome weekend folks!!! Monster props to the entire NAFO staff! I had an incredible time. Thank you so much for putting this together guys! :clapping: :yahoo: :clapping:

Looking forward to NAFO 2!!!

Back home again in Indiana!!! Successfull Saddlesore completed....however, I almost didn't make it.

I took heed of Ari Rankum's "Spidey Sense" near Des Moines, Iowa and pulled off of I 80 just in time to hear the bomb raid sirens go off. (For those of you not in tune with the midwestern lifestyle, this means take shelter because of a tornado warning.) All hell broke loose as I huddled next to a brick wall of a gas station that was closed. I did not see any tornadoes, but the storm was very violent for half an hour. The wind began rocking my bike while it was on the side stand and nearly knocked the thing over. Everything settled down soon enough so I continued on my way to Indiana getting rained on all the way to Utica IL where the rain finally stopped.

Anyway, A big shout out and thank you to the organizers of the first ever NAFO for providing an enjoyable, classy weekend in the Rockies!

Bill "Turvy"

Just rolled in a bit ago... 1100 miles... Thanks to eesnake, kaitsdad and turbodave for, among other things, helping me to not get another ticket. More later when I'm awake.

Left Golden Colorado at 8:15am Just rolled into Norco, CA 3:40AM and took a warm shower. Couldnt resist checking out the Forum. Took the 70west to the 24 to the 12 thru Zion and Brice National parks, south on the 28 and 14west to the I-15. Out ran the rain til I got to the I-15 thru Utah. The lightning storms were a bit scary Then it was easy going and HOT! Almost hit a Coyote, and 3 suicidal Deer in various places, and oh yea, a drunk pedestrian in front of the Rio in Las Vegas NV. Stupid guy just bolted out and didnt even look. The FJR handled good even in a power slide! Glad to be home safe. 1045.6miles total for the day. My ears are still Buzzin', but what a ride!

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We made it safely to our next destination. Gotta be one of the shortest rides 'home' from NAFO. Andy and I are spending a week in a condo, in Vail. It was 90.5 miles from the Marriott to here. Looking forward to enjoying another week of twisties before heading home to So Cal.


I got back last night about sundown. 833 miles in 12.5 hrs. The great plains ain't so great this time of year! Air temp reached 106 coming across OK.

I was sure wishing I had some of that snow I saw the day before!

Big thanks to all for a great time. :clapping: