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Jun 8, 2005
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Tri-Cities, WA
So I have my new-to-me 2021 MT10 in the garage now. This will be the start of project to turn this machine into something it really isn't designed to do: be a Long-Distance "Endurance" sport touring machine, running the deserts/mountains of the American West in non-stop 24-hour and 36-hours competitive events:


As many of you already know, the three major items any bike needs to be a proper desert runner are:
  • Auxiliary Fuel Cell
  • Auxiliary Night Lighting
  • Hydration system
I will also of course need hard side bags. I am solving the latter with a classic set of Givi V37 Monokey bags. They are already inbound, but the racks to hold them are on 6-8 week back-order.

Since the aux fuel cell is the long pole in the tent here, I am starting on that now. The aux cell is a 4.3 gallon gravity-fed system. It will reside atop this Givi Rear Top Rack, which just arrived last night:


I will post up in this thread all future mods I do to make this a proper Desert Runner. I know is sounds a little crazy to some folks to force this tiny racebike into this role - and I am sure there will be times I will be thinking the same. But that is part of the fun!
I'll be following the fun! Is there any aftermarket wind protection planned?

Without question! I have a Puig "Touring" screen coming, but other than that, not a lot.

For this bike, rider protection and bike range are two of the more serious hurdles to overcome.

And the problems with these are: there isn't much to do for weather except the windscreen, and it's not like I am going to go alter the engine/fueling to get more than the 30 mpg it currently gets. So... these are damn serious problems, and I need to put some thought in mitigating them.
I envy you younger lads,Back in the day I would have been all over a project like this.
In my Era it was the GPZ 750,s we would sport tour on.
I look at the ergonomics of that scoot and cringe-- My 71 year old body just could not take that kind of seating position hours at a time anymore.
I can still do 5 to 600 mile days on my FJ so I am at this point considering myself lucky.
Have fun with that one Warchild,Nothing but a good time to come from your endeavor.
Update on the Desert Runner project:
  • Givi V37 Side cases arrived - fück me, they are huge-ass! They are FJR hard-bag size. o_O
  • Still waiting on Givi side racks to hang the V37 bags upon.
  • Blew a spendy wad on T-Rex Racing Slider Package. Happy after installation.
Below are 6 different pieces on the right side of the bike: GP paddock Stand hooks, rear axle sider, clutch cover, CP4 Timing case cover, the big main frame slider, and the front axle:


GP paddock stand hooks, this is some sweet machining right here. Rear axle slider is seriously beefy:


The forward four sliders:


Of course, these are all just bolt-on goodies, no crafty talent needed for these items. Saving that for the aux fuel cell install job.
This is great, Warchild! I think your Puig you installed is taller than mine but it still made a ton of difference. With a decent helmet the wind doesn't bug me at all even at "go to jail" speeds, which on that MT10 is a slight twist of the wrist.

Now the distance per tank? That's gonna be fun to see you deal with.
wonder if there are any ECM tunes out there that can help the mileage performance. Ivan's really helped the older FJRs get better mileage and improved the performance.
wonder if there are any ECM tunes out there that can help the mileage performance. Ivan's really helped the older FJRs get better mileage and improved the performance.

I don't think there are, but I haven't really looked yet. I need this stupid-ass snow to stop and my ice-rink local streets to melt off all the packed ice so I can actually ride the bike and see what my baseline MPG figures look like.

How are the ergonomics for you with this bike? Any plans for highway pegs of some sort?

I knew I would be a bit cramped on the MT10, and I am. This naked racebike doesn't have any mounting points for highway pegs. However, I've never have used any such pegs on any of the big sport-touring rigs over the years, so you can't really miss what you never had.

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