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Maybe the holidays are slowing things down too? I've been itching for a ride but just too many things taking up time right now.
The offending schoolhouse is about 4 miles from my home. It's near the Lewisberry and Dover areas.

For the sake of moving this along let's just call it as your bike at a school. There are loads of old one room schoolhouses here in PA that have become homes and even small businesses. I've even come across one that's now an ice cream shop named "The Sundae School"
Looks pretty warm down in Mississippi. Don’t think I’ll be moto tagging up here for at least 2 more months, likely longer with mud season.

I kind of remember tagging a large outdoor chair at the beginning of this thread. Not that this matters in the least. Just sparked a few neurons in my ole’ brain.

edit- found it: Linky

And t’was only 9 years ago, eh?
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Roadside furniture tagged,
Next tag, a mailbox made from a motorcycle OR motorcycle parts OR maybe it’s best to include any ornamental artisy fartsy type mailbox structure?
Is this OK?
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Grab, Best I could do as building is in state capitol and parking sucks.


Keeping with the government building theme, a local government building like township, borough, village, etc.


This one happens to be right alongside the Susquehanna River and less than a mile as the crow flies from Three Mile Island